Parasite (2019) Movie Review

I have had this movie sitting here for months. Waiting for the perfect night to watch it. Finally, this past Friday I sat down, thinking I was fully prepared for this movie.

It took me four hours.

So many times things happen in this movie that I had to pause and walk away from. To let the moment sink in, to let it absorb, to let it breathe. Ironically, I needed space to think because of a movie all about the space we occupy.

Spoilers? Somewhat. I’ll say yes spoilers so some people don’t keep reading, but I won’t tell everything.

I was told the less I knew the better. I was told to watch it for just the story but wait until a second viewing to admire the cinematography. I did all of that in the one viewing. I marvelled at how beautiful this movie looks. I was stunned by the twists and turns. I was uncomfortable, I laughed, I was scared, I was nervous, I was living every bit of this tale.

Super simple plot breakdown. A young poor man lies enough to get hired as a tutor for a rich couple’s child. Another tutor is needed for another child, and his sister lies her way into the spot. Their father, their mother, the whole family manipulates the situation to crawl out from their basement dwelling into the Architectural Digest come to life. Things… happen which threaten to rip all of this away from them and the family will not let go of what is finally in their clutches. Along the way though who is using who? Who is the parasite and who is the host? (Dammit, Bong Joon Ho’s movies are called Host and Parasite. How did I not see this word play before?)

It has been years since I’ve watched a movie and knew right away it would be taught for years. This is a permanent addition to film school. The framing, the blocking, the isolation, the distance, the lines. All of it. Just stunning. I haven’t been able to shut up about the movie since watching it but people keep thinking it’s going to be a horror movie about creepy crawlers. Plus it’s sub titled. Suddenly 99% of people tune out. Then these same people wonder why they never heard of the movies winning awards. Because you wouldn’t open your minds.

Anyways, I loved Host and think its one of the best monster movies I’ve ever seen. I’m going to add Parasite as one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I think about what this movie pulled off every night since watching it. I’ve spent more hours going through interviews, break downs, and speculation about the movie. I didn’t even realized he also made the Snowpiercer movie, and that will be coming to me soon.

If you haven’t watched this movie but you love movies and really making your brain work, please watch it. Streaming, grab the DVD, anything. You will be rewarded for the experience.

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