WrestleMania Night Two Predictions

Wow! How great was last night’s show? I can’t believe that happened. I can’t believe that Superstar is now champion.

Yeah, I’m typing this before both shows. Just to make sure I can get the writing done before a busy weekend. Go back, see how I did on those predictions, then come back here and see if I can guess anything for night two.

As always, this is not who I want to win, but who I think will win to further WWE’s stories.

Asuka (Raw Women’s champion) vs Rhea Ripley.

This should have been Rhea’s spot last year. She was on fire and had one of the biggest pushes a woman has had in WWE. She’s still great this year but the heat doesn’t feel as strong. Still, Asuka has had this title since summer and I think WWE wants to change it up a bit.

Winner and new champion: Rhea Ripley.

The Fiend (with Alexa Bliss) vs Randy Orton.

I think this is the biggest foregone conclusion of the night. No way Fiend does this match and doesn’t win. It will also most likely be a cinematic match. I’m trying to guess what matches it will be in between. Also, this match will probably start out cinematic and make its way to the ring and the live crowd.

Winner: The Fiend.

Big E (Intercontinental champion) vs Apollo Crews in a Nigerian Drum match.

I don’t know what this match is, the rules, the set up, nothing. And I think that air of mystery is what will decide the champion. By abnormal means, Apollo will win. Maybe titles change on disqualification or something. There will be some sort of screwy turn that will give Apollo the title in a shady manner.

Winner and new champion: Apollo Crews.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn (with Logan Paul).

I know Logan Paul is a YouTuber but he’s not one my kid is into. I think he’s the fulcrum for this match. Sami will do something that annoys Logan and his retaliation will lead to Sami losing the match.

Winner: Kevin Owens.

Riddle (US champion) vs Sheamus.

I think it’s time to build Sheamus back up into something. He’s in his mid 40s and probably ready to do a bit less week in and out. Giving him another title reign and maybe even using that to build him up to one more quick World title would be a good cap to his career. Riddle has plenty of time to win more titles.

Winner and new champion: Sheamus.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (Women’s Tag Team champions) (with Reginald) vs the winners of Night one’s tag team turmoil.

If Lana and Naomi win Night 1, then they also win here. If anyone else wins, there is no title change. Lana’s story and even Naomi forcing WWE to notice her when she’s one of the best they have, is a story that should culminate in a title win.

Winners: It depends?

Roman Reigns (Smackdown World champion) (with Paul Heyman) vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan.

Guarantee Roman doesn’t take the pin. But he will lose the title. There are good arguments to be made for both challengers. I think Edge taking advantage of Roman’s finisher to steal a victory makes the most sense. I think the ultimate opportunist character will come roaring back in this match. Daniel Bryan chasing a deceptive Edge for the title, two main event level talents that had to retire and fight their way back could be a great story for the rest of spring and into summer.

Winner and new champion: Edge.

If anything else is added I’ll try to do a quick pick on Twitter. Let me know what you’re thinking about the shows and the matches.

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