Did Dr Seuss Create Big Bird?

Let’s return to the recently pulled Dr Seuss book, Scrambled Eggs Super.

The book stars a young boy on an intercontinental journey to acquire rare bird eggs for breakfast. Along the way one of these birds looked a bit familiar.

Not quite how we perceive a certain resident of Sesame Street, but there are similarities. The yellow feathers, the orange feet. There’s a bit too many feathers though.

Now, if I was to combine that bird with another bird in here, I think I might have a Muppet. Not just any bird in the book though, it has to be a specific one. One with certain qualities. Like being big. Like literally in the text called a “big bird”.

I think Jim Henson was a genius and made the world a better place. I think the Muppets are one of the all time great wholesome creations in human history. Also an original creation. That said, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think a young Jim Henson read this book at some point and subconsciously combined images into something new.

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