King in Black #5 Comic Book Review

From Donny Cates, writer. Ryan Stegman, penciler. JP Mayer and Ryan Stegman, inkers. Frank Martin and Jason Keith, color artists. VC’s Clayton Cowles, letterer.

This is the end of the event so I’m going FULL SPOILER review. If you have not read King in Black, you might want to go read that and then come back here.

Venom is a Mary Sue! I’m only half kidding. Overly powerful. Overly perfect. Comes back from death to save the day. Immediately stronger than other characters who have been established longer. I love the book, I enjoyed the story. But if we’re going to be gate keepers and bitch about Rey in Star Wars or Captain Marvel or pick the female target of the week – then that also holds true here.

That rant against toxic fandom out of the way, how did I really feel? I fell like I should have been reading the Venom title too. While previous King in Black issues have been action packed, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. But the jump from dead Eddie Brock to Captain Universe Venom took place out of no where in this main series. Maybe the moment is given time to breathe in the Venom series but it is out of no where here.

But out of no where moments is what I kind of loved about King in Black, and they continue in the final issue. Thor’s hammer, Silver Surfer’s board, the sun itself. The story is one of the most balls out craziest I’ve seen in some time. It’s like all the energy and enthusiasm and (allegedly) cocaine of 90’s Image comics focused into a well written package.

Eddie Brock standing tall at the end is great. He redeems himself through this story and steps into a new role as hero, father, savior of the world, and role model. And now as the new King in Black too. A more heroic one, sure, but still in control of the darkness. Maybe he could be tempted to turn evil. Maybe Peter Parker is looking at Eddie and thinking all of that power should be held by someone with more responsibility. The scheming newspaper photographer who tortured Mary Jane is now a god level force in the Marvel Universe and we’re all just going along with it?

I’m hoping Eddie’s story of redemption will stick but I fear that this is the Sentry all over again.

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