Radiant Black #3 Comic Book Review

Written by Kyle Higgins, art by Marcelo Costa, letters by Becca Carey, published by Image Comics.

I suggested in my review for issue 2 that this comic is about writing, and issue 3 just confirms that in my mind.

The entire super hero concept of Radiant Black feels like an allegory for the writing process. There were so many things Nathan does in this issue that I have done when I’m not on the other side of this screen. Setting alarms for “allowed” distractions. Taking a walk, meeting friends, working in a cafe. Anything to trigger some inspiration to write. Not only to write but to write something worth writing too.

In fact, I think Nathan’s discovery of the Radiant Black power is akin to him finding that writing inspiration as well. The power comes from what looks like a black hole and suddenly washes over Nathan. Much like my words, your words, Kyle’s words, Nathan’s words come when we least expect it from no where and wash over us. We don’t understand it, we don’t know what to do with it, but we do know it is now here and it is up to us to hone and edit this newly discovered boon.

Nathan writes and it’s not a whole novel, it’s not even a full page, but it is a start. It is something to get the story moving. Much like Nathan summons up the Radiant Black powers and does one small thing. It isn’t saving the world, it’s not even saving the city, but it’s a start. Hopefully in text and in costume, a start of something greater.

If you’re a writer and if you’re full of self doubt (I should get rid of that second ‘if’) this may just be the voice you need to hear. From the blackness of being alone in front of a screen typing away wondering if any of it even matters, comes a hero. A hero we can see ourselves in much like children could see themselves as Robin, as teenagers could see themselves in Spider-Man. We who fight daily against the reds of depression with our black inks see Nathan as a kindred hero.

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