Aliens Prize Package Unboxing.

Recently, I entered a contest. The awesome John Squires, @FreddyInSpace on Twitter, and editor in chief for Bloody Disgusting, tweeted out an Aliens giveaway. This year I’m finally diving into the franchise. I took out the first movie from the local library and have been accumulating books and comics for months. My reaction to the first movie is already up but it’s been tough getting hold of the other ones. Then, as if by kismet, along comes this contest. Every movie, books, comics, toys, its an Alien smorgasbord. Of course I entered and crossed my fingers. To my shock and delight, I won! John sent this off to me beautifully packed and I couldn’t have been happier. I set up the camera and recorded my reactions as I went through the box’s contents. Enjoy the video, follow Mr. Squires across the internet, and check out my writing. It’s not as good as Bloody Disgusting, but I’m pushing myself every day.

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