Rabbits by Terry Miles Book Review

(An advanced reader copy was provided by NetGalley.)

(Editor’s note: My wife was so excited for this book she grabbed it right away and had to get her words out. Enjoy her review and if you have any questions about this novel or the world it resides in, she would love to talk about it.)

Terry Miles is an imaginative wordsmith, and you want to read his new novel, Rabbits.  This mind bending book blurs apparent science fiction and reality, in a world steeped with seeming coincidences that can pop up anywhere.  The narrator, K, connects these dots playing a game where the stakes are life and death, not just for him and his enigmatic group of fellow players and guides, but possibly the whole world.

If you have any interest in puzzles, pop culture, video games, the Mandela effect, or really good writing, then Rabbits is for you.  If you have ever enjoyed any of the podcasts Miles has produced, then this is for you.  You can effortlessly hear the prose in Nic Silver’s calm and hypnotic cadences. Miles still isn’t breaking Kayfabe, either.  Whatever you do, don’t expect to hear Miles call this a work of fiction.  He expands on the shared universe of his podcasts with this novel beautifully, rewarding us with some familiar names that those new to the world can go put a voice to in the Rabbits podcast.

This rich novel is beautifully crafted and a perfect stand alone, if podcasts just aren’t your thing. K is an earnest narrator who still skirts reliability, letting us solve the mystery along with him.  From the first page, the prose propels you forward, deeper into the game with each passing chapter.  It is hard to put this book down, but if you manage, the enigma will linger in your mind until you pick it up again.  Much like the podcasts, I can’t wait to start again with the first page and relish this book repeatedly, catching all the fine threads as Miles weaves them together.  Whether you want a good story, or a deep dive into a rich and populated universe crafted in podcasts, you can’t go wrong with Rabbits.  

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