NXT TakeOver In Your House 2021 Predictions.

What a difference a year makes. I remember last year for the first NXT In Your House, the return of the IYH series. We were in the middle of recording the first season of The House Show. All of the content was readily available on the WWE Network. We were all at home and either getting paid, or about to be paid. Seems like yesterday and 10 years ago. Now in all that 2021 is bringing us, this pay per view franchise is brought back once more. So as with most events, I try to guess who will win and why. These aren’t my picks for who I want to win, but who I think WWE will have win in order to move stories forward.

Bronson Reed (North American) and MSK (Nash Carter and Wes Lee) (Tag Team) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raúl Mendoza). Winner takes all.

It’s that winner takes all part that makes me think Fantasma is getting everything here. WWE has tons of faith in the faction. MSK doesn’t need the titles. I could see Reed or MSK scooped up for Raw or Smackdown any day. Especially with live fans coming back soon. Plus, a heel faction with all the gold always looks cool.

Winners and new champions: Legado del Fantasma.

Raquel González (NXT Women’s champion) (with Dakota Kai) vs. Ember Moon (with Shotzi Blackheart).

There is just no way they take the title off of Raquel this soon. Not a chance. Whenever she does lose, and it’s nothing against her, but it wont be to Ember. Dakota, Shotzi, or Candice are my guesses.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li (with Boa and Mei Ying).

I really want Mercedes to win. I want her to have titles and a great run in WWE/NXT. But I think the push here is for Xia. And I like her, she’s improved a lot. But I also think it’s time to do something with her or move on. NXT isn’t creating this mythology for Xia just to have her lose.

Winner: Xia Li.

Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight. Ladder match for the Million Dollar championship.

Unfortuntely I think Knight is winning this. I don’t get his push but clearly someone is a fan. Cameron is so entertaining he became a face without trying. If he wins the title here, then he is in theory with Ted DiBiase and a heel. Knight winning, gloating over Grimes, and Grimes eventually defeating him for the title would be a more interesting longer story.

Winner and new champion: LA Knight.

Karrion Kross (NXT champion) (with Scarlett) vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano (with Austin Theory) vs. Pete Dunne (with Oney Lorcan).

If this was an elimination match I would predict Kross to win. I think he will be knocked down early, on the outside and protected, only to sneak in hit one big move and get the win. His build is going to continue a few months more at least. If I’m wrong, I would love to see Kyle O’Reilly get a chance with the title. I think someone needs to give him the ball and he will shock everyone.

Winner and still champion: Karrion Kross.

Who do you think will win and why? The matches start tonight at 8 pm Eastern time.

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