WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Predictions

Happy Father’s Day! What better way to celebrate than with some of your favorite WWE Superstars battling it out inside of the big red cage? As with most pay per views, I try to guess who will win and why. Not who I want to win, but who I think the writers of WWE will give the wins to and where they go next. I haven’t kept track, but I think overall I’m at least at a .500 if not better. Let’s see if I can continue that tonight.

Bobby Lashley (Raw champion) vs Drew McIntyre in a Last Chance Hell in a Cell match.

Drew did a great job as champion. It’s almost time to bring fans back. But I don’t think the fans want to see Drew as champion as much as they would want to cheer him hunting the title. Last chance but maybe he gets a Money in the Bank, or battle royal win, or something else to get the title once more. Drew never had a chance to win or carry the title in front of fans. It will happen eventually, but not tonight.

Winner and still champion: Bobby Lashley.

Rhea Ripley (Raw womens’ champion) vs Charlotte Flair.

I could see WWE just throwing the belt on Charlotte again. Screw Rhea, she’s had it for a little while. I do think the live shows returning next month will have legions of fans ready to scream for Rhea. Does anyone realize she’s becoming a gay icon? There are some passionate Rhea fans, and for them she is the champion. Also, Charlotte’s man just debuted on rival company, AEW. Between the desire for making money with Rhea in front and punishing Charlotte for her fiance being unhappy, I think the belt stays put.

Winner and still champion: Rhea Ripley.

Bianca Belair (Smackdown women’s champion) vs Bayley.

I wasn’t sure who would win this match until I heard a rumor for this feud. The big rumor is this feud continues until SummerSlam and will end in a hair vs hair match. I could absolutely see Bayley shaving her head for WWE. Team player all the way. Bayley will come so close. She will think the referee ignored her win and saw Bianca instead. While she’s a heel, it will be done in such a way where fans have to agree she has a point. Bayley will get a rematch, and will get cocky too. She’ll be willing to put anything on the line to beat Bianca. Her career, her show, anything. And thus the hair match will be agreed upon.

Winner and still champion: Bianca Belair.

Alexa Bliss vs Shayna Baszler.

Ugh. Sorry, just this version of Alexa was doing nothing for me and the answer wasn’t to throw Shayna in here too. Shenanigans and camera trickery will give Alexa the win without putting her at any risk.

Winner: Alexa Bliss.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn.

Something has to happen here. These two are amazing, but they’re going at it again with nothing on the line. This needs to be changed up. Either someone debuts as a muscle or sidekick for Sami. Or Kevin decides that Sami has a point and they will be stronger united.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Cesaro vs Seth Rollins.

I am still hoping this is a continuation of Cesaro’s push towards being a world champion. Possibly his last chance at such a run. Cesaro is currently my pick to win Money in the Bank. Beating Seth Rollins again, who can weather a loss and not lose anything. I’m good with anyone winning or losing any other matches tonight but I really want Cesaro to win this one.

Winner: Cesaro.

This could be a lot of fun. Let me know if you’re watching and who you think will win tonight.

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