At Odds with Wrestling Homework Chikarasaurus Rex How to Hatch a Dinosaur.

Taking place February 6, 2012 live from the Trocadero in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This good wrestling was assigned by Joe during the At Odds with Wrestling homework segment. Every week without a new pay per view, the hosts of the podcast assign a classic wrestling event for each other and for listeners with too much free time, like myself. This event was a pay per view, which means a lot is going to happen. Let’s get down to ringside!

Ultramantis Black vs Ophidian to decide who is the most devious man in all of Chikara.

This is the best looking set up I’ve seen so far for Chikara. Also, maybe the biggest crowd I’ve seen for the promotion, and everyone in attendance is into it from the start. This is going to be a fun show.

Light back and forth until Ophidian hits a big move and takes control. Ophidian breaks out Godiva’s Buckingham Bounce. I don’t know what I saw but I think it was an electric chair pin attempt. No matter how many Chikara events I watch as part of homework, I’m always seeing something new. Ophidian sneaks around to get Mantis’s staff. The referee removes the staff and Ophidian takes this opportunity to spit the mist but he only gets a two out of this illegal move. Mantis hits a praying mantis bomb, hell of a move, for the pin.

These two are in ridiculous shape and I think they need a couple minutes to get warmed up. Once they got loose this match was great.

Colt Cabana and Archibald Peck/Mixed Martial Archie vs the Throwbacks in a Loser Leaves Town match.

MMArchie with a triangle choke. He comes off the top rope and right into a ground and pound. This is one of the best character ideas in all of wrestling. Archie goes after Mr Touchdown but TD takes out Archie with a big slam on the stage. Real nasty non-MMA approved move. Colt fights alone. Touchdown pushes Colt off the top turnbuckle, but knocks Dasher Hatfield down as well. Touchdown is only concerned with himself! As the referee is about to reach the count out, Archibald Peck returns in full band regalia! Archie cleans house like he cleans out the spit from a brass instrument. Veronica Ticklefeather comes out and she’s a match late but just as devious. Veronica lays the baton in between Archie and Mr. TD and lets fate decide. Star Trek music! Holy crap, I’m losing it. Dasher removes the baton from the ring and Touchdown uses this moment to hit Archie with the football helmet. Touchdown pushes Dasher into Archie, training kicks in and Dasher instinctively goes for the roll up and gets the pin. Archie is gone, Dasher is excited he has three points, and Veronica is now officially with Mr Touchdown. That’s a LOT of consequences from one match.

Gran Akuma vs Icarus in a Ladder Match to decide Akuma’s fate in Chikara.

Special referee Greg Iron.

OMG this is already good. OMG seeing the ladder bounce off of Akuma’s head. I’m going total fan boy for this match and I have no regrets. The ladder is like another person in this match, and is getting shots in. This is such a good match and then FIST has to come out. They dump Greg out of the ring, attack Akuma, and bring in a table. Greg Iron is back up and chases away FIST. Akuma powerbombs Icarus off of the ladder through the table. Akuma gets the contract and is reinstated in Chikara. Amazing match and even the interference for once didn’t take anything away, but added to the fun of the match.

Sara Del Rey and Saturyne vs the Batiri in a two on three match.

I know it’s a show but I still get bothered seeing women get beat up, especially when they’re out numbered. Too much of this match features the Batiri in control. Saturyne with her ridiculous abs has a great dive to the floor. I keep waiting for the moment when Sara dominates everyone but instead Delirious comes out and gives orders to the Batiri. Saturyne gets a couple moves in but the numbers are too much for her. Is it time to turn this match around? No, because Delirious comes in and just kicks the hell out of both women. Disqualification of course but the women are down and Delirious stands strong and united with the Batiri. Bad things are coming.

Hallowicked vs Tim Donst in a mask vs hair match.

Donst with a nipple twist, or considering where he is reaching through on Hallowicked’s shirt – is it an eye gouge? I’m still not sure how Donst avoided the dive. I need another angle on that. Donst kills a lot of time with the Young Lions cups. Hallowicked hits a slapjack to the entrance steps. Real nasty looking move and it seems any time any wrestler gets close to that part of the stage bad things are coming. Donst pulls Bryce in and Hallowicked kicks the referee, laying him out. Chair vs Cup. Somehow Donst kicks out. Donst chokes Hallowicked with his signature shoelace. Bryce calls it. The drama builds for Hallowicked to remove his mask. It’s a very somber moment. Bryce raises Donst’s hand, thus opening up the hiding place in his armpit and the lace comes out! The lace comes out! Bryce immediately reverses the decision? No! The match is restarted. Hallowicked with a big kick and a submission before Donst realizes what’s going on. Donst has no choice but to quit. Hallowicked trims and buzzes Donst’s head and does a good job. Could be a good side hustle for him.

The Colony, Jigsaw, and Eddie Kingston vs GEKIDO.

Derek Sabato is now with GEKIDO. This starts out as four on five, because Fire Ant was taken out. But here comes Mike Quackenbush, making his return to get revenge. GEKIDO has to go for the mask a couple times. AssailANT is a big boy, never noticed before. Green Ant dives off the balcony. Soldier Ant with the mega ant hill. Soldier Ant has the Chikara special on 17. 17 taps out and the Chikara team wins. Quack sneaks in and attempts to break 17’s fingers. Lot of action in a ten man. Too much for me to call and write everything down. Looked like everyone was having a good time going all out and crazy. Especially with this crowd.

Young Bucks vs FIST (CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas champions) in a two out of three falls match.

Real good start, loads of fun, lots of great moves. The match slows down to take the audience along for the ride. Matt Jackson pins Chuck Taylor for the first fall. A few minutes later the roles are reversed and this is tied up 1-1. Now its time to really get the match going. I don’t think the Bucks are selling enough. I don’t think I’m the first person to say that. FIST with an amazing double team sequence. How is Joe keeping pace calling all of this action? Great match when FIST out Bucks the Bucks. Gargano with a spear, Nick moves, Gargano crashes into the steps on that infamous stage. Matt Jackson uses the belt but only gets a two. Assisted tombstone piledriver and still only a two once Gargano comes back with the save. The Bucks take the final fall after More Bang for Your Buck and what will be the fate of the Chikara tag team titles now that they are in enemy territory?

Really fun show. Even the matches that weren’t great (2 on 3) were there for a reason. I saw this as what WrestleMania used to do for WWF. Many feuds and stories end this evening, but others begin. Doors are closed where they naturally ran their course while plenty of things happened this evening that have me anticipating the next show.

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