Something is Killing the Children Volume One Graphic Novel Review.

From James Tynion IV, writer. Werther Dell’Edera, illustrator. Miquel Muerto, colorist. Andworld Design, letters. Published by Boom! Studios.

The comic that scared my child! My seven year old walked by me and just saw the cover and title and that was all it took for a long conversation to take place. This isn’t non-fiction buddy. In these first five issues children go missing and then some are found here, there, and every where. Suspects and blame abound but there are no answers or leads. A mysterious woman comes to town named Erica Slaughter and she says she can take care of this as long as everyone answers her questions and leaves her alone. The monsters are horrible. The humans make dumb decisions. Erica knows she’s not being told everything but she pushes forward because only she can.

I thought the first issue looked amazing and I’m kicking myself for not ordering it way back when. I haven’t seen a comic skyrocket in value like that since The Walking Dead. And for good reason. This is a well crafted mystery that is drawn as beautiful or as terrifying as the scene demands. While this volume concludes without many firm answers there’s just enough given to draw the reader in more and more. The monster mythos deepens. The rules are still being established. Erica’s own story becomes bigger.

The second volume is already waiting for me and now the debate begins. Start getting single issues or wait for trades? In five issues this creative team has already created a new icon. Not since Cassie Hack has there been a female horror comic lead who demands higher sales, merchandise, and lots of cool cosplay. There’s blood and guts, there’s heart, and at the lead is a woman who has seen way too much already and is going to see so much worse as more and more readers are drawn to this story.

A true “the less you know the better” story. I went into this with the title and back cover blurb alone, then immersed myself in the latest independent legend. I won’t hold back on the story when I review volume two so learn from my mistakes. Head out to your favorite brick and mortar or online store and get caught up on this series. This is going to fast become a Wednesday morning trending discussion and you won’t want to risk a spoiler.

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