PRINCE-S STARthief #1 Kickstarter Comic Book Review

Jason Martin – writer, creator, colors, and letters. Winston Young – artwork and shading. Published by Pulp Girls thanks to Kickstarter supporters.

Listen to my interview with Jason HERE.

I had the opportunity to interview Jason for the Hellions Talks podcast, and I’m supporting the Kickstarter for issue 2. But how is issue one of this series?

Well, I’m here to tell you I read the PDF and now I have the physical issue in front of me I have grown from love to obsession. Digital and PDFs are great, and there are some projects I’ve supported at the digital level. But I can’t ever do that for PRINCE-S.

She is answering to no one flinging her satellite size fem-balls throughout the galaxy. She’s a thief, she’s an adventurer, she’s on a mission, she’s a daredevil. She is intimidating yet easy to stand next to. There’s no shame in getting wrapped up in her deep space daring do’s.

The story moves fast and gives a great sense of adventure but never confuses the reader. I can follow along but I’m going to be a step behind her the whole way. Not a bad view though. Jason knows when less text can be more and puts the PRINCE-S into epic danger that will make readers think this comic is 11×17. Winston takes this opportunity and opens up the infinite. Maybe no one can hear you scream in space, but they can see the panic in our heroine’s eyes for just a moment as she adapts yet again to a new threat. I didn’t have a clue how she was going to escape the unexpected yet familiar evil at the end and cheered like my grandfather no doubt did when he plopped down 5 cents for that week’s latest serials at the theater.

Maybe it’s my eyes, maybe it’s the screens I was using, but nothing pops more than colors in person. I was already thrilled with the palate choices, the most I’ve really enjoyed a colorist taking risks in about ten years. But it’s so much better in print. Really playing with the use of light in space, and an especially fun time with all shades of purple. There’s nothing dark or grim and gritty or, even worse, muddy to see here. Just the beauty of the infinite and the intimate.

Highly recommended book and I’ll be in for every volume. Support the Kickstart for issue two at this link!

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