At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Cody Rhodes Nightmare Factory Student Showcase Episode 2.

Each and every week there isn’t a pay per view, the fine folks at the At Odds with Wrestling podcast assign a wrestling event that doesn’t fall into the usual weekly viewings. Listeners like me join in and we laugh and cry and bond over Adam’s terrible picks. Like this week. Let’s dive into the latest episode of Cody Rhodes Office Championship Wrestling. 

This show is an hour and a half?! 

These wrestlers have 12 weeks of experience. I just took a 12 week class at work and I don’t feel any smarter. Let’s see if these men and women feel like they’re any better in the ring. 

The “8 appendage anomaly” Rude Dragon vs Trip Jordy. 

$10 says Trip has a YouTube channel. Probably plays video games and has wacky adventures with his friends. Smash that subscribe button. Rude Dragon comes across as neither rude nor a dragon. I’m very surprised that 12 weeks in Rude Dragon is going for submissions. Trip hits a superkick out of nowhere and wins the match. 

British Wolf vs Marcus Eriks vs Charley Avell vs Dean Hiram. 

I watched this on Sunday and as I post this on Thursday I’m still waiting for British Wolf to come out. Any time now. Just take your sweet lupine time. Karma Dean, the “principal of karma”, comes out with Dean Hiram. They shouldn’t both have Dean in their names. I dug Wolf’s four leg run into the splash. That could be a fun signature for an animalistic gimmick. Charley needs to get his gear from somewhere other than Bray Wyatt’s yard sale. Karma is trying her best in her managerial role, but again, only 12 weeks in. Charley ends up getting the pin in final moments that seemed a bit too complicated for rookies. 

The Bodyguard Austin Green and Ali the Diamond Sheik vs The Real Deal Aaron Dallas and The Family Guy Aaron Kirk. 

Okay, the bodyguard and the sheik gimmick has potential. Sure, it’s been done before but there’s a touch of charisma here. What are the odds someone tried to name these two the Aaron Nation? He has the Viking hammer shirt already that certain groups are grabbing on to. Kirk does have some charisma though. Love the buy off the referee spot. The Bodyguard with a good big man vice squeeze on Kirk. There are glimmers here. A touch of potential. The Bodyguard hits a massive power bomb. Double Aaron wins with a Hart Attack. A big thing that needs to be changed, the Bodyguard should not be knocked off his feet this much. 

Hyena Hera and Karma Dean vs Spencer Kitz and Julia Hart. 

How old is Karma? She’s not old, but she definitely seems older than other people here. Spencer is showing some character attitude. Oh! It’s the Cheerleader from AEW! Karma has a very methodical run in to break up a pin attempt. Karma falls and Spencer helps up her opponent. Very nice moment showing the bond that has formed over training. But Karma attacks Spencer with the white board! Karma slips up on the in ring interference. Julia has potential to really be someone special. Wheelbarrow face buster called the Circle of Life by Hyena for the pin. Okay, that move has a ton of potential to get her over. 

Battle Royal – NY Menace, Jacob Thomas, Louis Lessons, Charlie Platt, JD Brady, Hayalobo, Chris Martinez, Liam Hazan, Neadha.

NY Menace looks like Weekend Warrior Demolition. Also, what’s up with Hayalobo? There should be a one wolf per show rule. This also means neither of these guys can be on a show with Eddie Edwards or Davey Richards. Jet Dabe comes out late, and I have been assured he is not Joey Janella. “How do you work these things?” Jet is all in for his gimmick, good for him. Jet sets up for beer pong. It’s not a good sign when the best part of your battle royal is the guy on the outside who isn’t in it. Jet gets in the ring and is immediately tossed out. Menace is knocked out of the ring and through the beer pong table. Chris Martinez ends up winning. I could remember two names and only keep those two straight throughout the match. That doesn’t count Jet on the outside. 

Dean Alexander (with a second/model/helper they don’t name, but she’s cute) vs the Gaytriarch Dillion McQueen. 

Dean dipping his girl and dropping her is the best heel move of the night. Dillion is going to be a star. Throughout watching this I’m looking for something from anyone. Something positive. I should have waited until Dillion came out. I mean, he’s out. Obviously. But came out to the ring. Dillion kisses Dean to throw him off. This is the best match of the night by far. More hits, more reaction, more good stuff than anything from Pat McAfee’s Office Wrestling. This match is loads of fun and I would love to see it in front of a real audience. We get a ref bump! Dean with the low blow on not only Dillion but also the referee. Second ref comes in and it’s only a two count. Dean is about to tap to a single leg crab so he takes out the second referee. The first referee comes to and Dean still only gets a two count. Dillion comes back with a DDT and gets the pin. Dean cuts a promo, he’s very upset about now being 0-2. -1 is here! He comes out with 10 and Alan Angels. -1 with a super kick and he pins Dean! -1 with a “suck it” and absolutely buries Dean telling him “nobody will ever know who you are.”

Everything about the main event was fun. It would be a fun match and post match segment on AEW Dark. But the rest of the show was forgettable. 

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