Kaiju Girl Caramelise Volume 4 Manga Review

From Spica Aoki, Published by Yen Press.

I reviewed volumes 1-3 before and now it’s time to dive right back in with volume 4.

Really it’s the classic love story. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl can turn into a massive kaiju that almost destroyes the town and can’t tell the boy about it, the kaiju has feelings for the boy, the world thinks the boy is some sort of kaiju prince and he becomes famous. I mean, we’ve seen this story a hundred times!

Jokes aside, I love so much about this series. Minami is just a young girl who feels like she isn’t pretty enough or cool enough to ever get a good boyfriend. Whether it be a pimple, messy hair, or turning into a giant monster – there are all sorts of stresses that a teenage girl feels when she first puts herself out there into the world. While Kuroe is an attractive guy, that comes with it’s own burdens and stresses as well. He has no shortage of people wanting a part of him, but not a one cares about him. In Minami he sees the most real, most honest person and that is what attracts him. Funny how a monster is the most human.

Volume 4 teases some answers. Minami spends some time on an island and may have found clues about her other larger fire breathing half. But what really surprised me and has me on the edge of my seat with anxiety are the new faces coming in. The first three volumes brought Minami and Kuroe together. Now it’s time to pull them apart and see if what they have is strong enough to come back together. I have hopes for them but in a story built around an emotionally driven giant monster hiding inside of a teenage girl, anything can happen.

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