Fearless Defenders Volume 2: The Most Fabulous Fighting Team of All Graphic Novel Review.

From writer, Cullen Bunn. Artists, Stephanie Hans and Veronica Gandini. Letterer, VC’s Clayton Cowles. Cover art, Mark Brooks. Published by Marvel Comics.

In the review of volume one I discussed how great this writing is, the art, and the overall story.

Full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t read this title and would like to leave now and come back after you order yourself a copy.

In the last volume, Dr Annabelle Riggs died at Valkyrie’s hands. She’s in Valhalla as a warrior, but is a drunk Viking bar the best place for a lesbian archeologist? I guess it depends on the lesbian archeologist. I shouldn’t paint them all with the same soft bristle brush so we don’t damage the findings. A deal is made to bring her back and it gives an veteran Marvel character a fresh story.

New character Ren Kimura is amazing. Her latent Inhuman genes are woken up and she has the power of, well, razor sharp ribbon dancing. Trust me. I know how it sounds to write but in action this is one of the coolest and most original powers I’ve ever seen. She is now tops on my own list of characters I would want to use. Give me a figure. Has anyone done cosplay yet? Then she meets Annabelle and I’m done. Time to buy every issue and every variant. Time to cross my fingers and hope for them to appear in any MCU movie or show. Brand new characters and this series does so much I’m considering them as favorites.

The lonely boyfriends club is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in comics and also I think its necessary. If Marvel is the world outside your window, lets consdier who is looking out that window. We all know a boyfriend, a fiance, a husband who is looking out the window becasue he doesn’t trust what his partner is doing. Sure we woudl think super heroes would be more mature and have their act together. But no. Here are some of the most powerful beings in the universe wondering what the girls are up to. It is a bigger showing of weakness in heroes than kryptonite has ever been.

Finally, one of my favorite things that only the Defenders can provide. Who’s a Defender? Whoever needs to be in the moment. Clea, Elsa Bloodstone, and tons of surprises. Any woman from Marvel’s history or brand new characters can and do appear. There’s no need to have a press conference to introduce the new Defenders line up. No need to dub them all new and all different. Heroes beat up bad guys, and if we’re after the same bad guy we may as well do it together.

My only complaint is falling in love with this series years too late and now it’s long cancelled. I’ve read comics for decades and this is one of the first times I read something I enjoyed so much it makes me want to grow as a writer so one day I have the opportunity to add to their legends.

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