At Odds with Wrestling Homework: ECW 12/29/2009

This was an interesting assignment. In tribute to Matt Cardona becoming the death match king, Adam from the At Odds with Wrestling podcast has found this card from the WWE ECW era. Tonight’s main event features Cardona’s former persona of Zack Ryder against Tommy Dreamer. Who knows what other fun will be in store tonight. Let’s head down to ringside.

Tonight is an ECW Homecoming. Former ECW stars will be appearing and wrestling matches to qualify for a battle royal and the winner of that will go on to face the ECW champion at the Royal Rumble.

Savannah introduces the ECW champion, Christian. Our commentary team for tonight are Byron Saxton and Josh Matthews. Biggest shock here is I can’t believe Byron has been a commentator for that long.

Matt Hardy vs Finlay in an ECW Homecoming match.

Really just a “meh” match. As much as people speak of Hardy’s current level of movement in AEW this match sits here. Doesn’t do much. Finlay works Hardy’s knee and that becomes the story of the match. Not much else. Hardy wins out of no where and that’s it. Average house show match. Reminds me of when a bunch of us went to a Smackdown/ECW house show and left after the felt like a half hour Finlay vs Mike Knox pre intermission match. Christian is amazing here. From a funny line, “one of you guys used to be a teacher, right,” to the accidentally funny, “Yoshi Tatsu is a future champion.”

Zack Ryder with….? I don’t remember. He confronts Tommy Dreamer in the back. Ryder says Tommy is washed up. Dreamer tells Ryder to bring it. If Ryder wins, Dreamer will leave ECW.

Ezekiel Jackson comes out. Damn that’s some good entrance music. Jackson cuts a promo on Vladimir Kozlov. Ezekiel really could have used NXT. There’s a lot of potential here. Kozlov comes out and walks like he has a load in his pants. Kozlov easily clotheslines Ezekiel over the top rope and out of the ring.

Tommy is getting ready. Christian comes in to give him a pep talk. Not much to either of these segments.

Evan Bourne vs Mike Knox in an ECW Homecoming match.

Byron with a great line, “have you ever heard of a gentle giant? Mike Knox is not.” Bourne leg scissors Knox over the top to the floor. Knox throws Bourne into the crowd barrier. Bourne makes it back into the ring before the ten count. Know looks like a beta test run for much better wrestlers in the last 10 years. Bourne with a shooting star press from the top for the pin. Another forgettable match. Nothing bad, but nothing to care about.

Kelly Kelly (I think?) wishes Tommy good luck.

Highlight video of Sheamus winning the WWE title from John Cena. Bret Hart will guest host Raw. Yoshi Tatsu teaches Goldust some Japanese. Croft and Baretta interrupt. Thankfully they say their names or I wouldn’t remember. Goldust yells at them in Japanese.

Tommy Dreamer vs Zack Ryder (with Rosa Mendez).

Ohhhh, its Rosa! Well that solves that mystery. I don’t remember them being involved with each other.

Zack with his classic short/long trunks. Zack about 100 pounds lighter than he looks now. Zack to outside and uses Rosa to distract Tommy. Zack now takes control. Dreamer bumping every where for Zack. Zack misses a boot and crotches himself. Dreamer back in control. Dreamer fights off a Zack Attack attempt. Dueling pin attempts. Ruff Ryder! – only for a 2 count. Zack in the tree of woe. Dreamer psyches up and hits a basement dropkick to Ryder’s inverted face. Dreamer gets the three but Zack’s foot was under the ropes. Dreamer celebrates but the match is still on. Tommy with a pin, Ryder counters and almost gets the three. Suplex by Tommy but Ryder reverses in mid air – and gets the three?!

Crowd is shocked. Replay. Tommy is up and the crowd cheers. Tommy says his thank you and goodbyes. Tommy’s daughters and Beulah are sitting in the front row. Tommy leaves his ECW shirt in the ring, very much like the Undertaker. Tommy carries his daughters away.

This was actually a good match and a really bittersweet ending. What did Adam do? There’s no way he knew this ending was on this show. The rest of the show is nothing, but this ending was really good.

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