At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Chikara The Great Escape.

Originally taking place on July 28, 2012 in Portland, Maine and being watched this week as part of the At Odds with Wrestling homework series. Take a listen to their newest episode later tonight.

AssailANT vs Green Ant.

We got some ridiculously loud fans tonight. No, not the people in the crowd. But the huge warehouse style fans to cool off the capacity crowd. It seems like a fun crowd that is all in on all that is Chikara. No guard rails, it’s interesting to see what is and is not required state to state. The match is okay but I’m just not drawn in. There is such a thing as not being in the mood to watch something and reacting negatively at the moment, then enjoying it much more later on. It’s not a bad opener but it’s not a get excited for a night of wrestling either. Green Ant makes AssailANT tap out to the Chikara Special after a brain buster.

Kobald vs Cameron Matthews vs Jivin Jimmy vs Anthony Stone.

The local talent match of the night. Local fans love Jimmy. Matthews jumps Jimmy before the other two men are out. Jimmy no sells Kobald’s chops. Stone walks over Jimmy and Matthews and DDTs Kobald. Jimmy flips Matthews out of the ring. Great interactions between all four wrestlers. Jimmy with a noogie! Jimmy hits a big leg lariat. Jimmy off the middle rope to the floor and splashes everyone. Kobald is barely in this. Jimmy with a boogie woogie driver for two. Matthews steps on his opponent and hits a spring board moonsault but only for two. Kobald hits the Demon Toilet on Jimmy to eliminate him. Well, he got a lot in. Cameron misses a cool aerial attempt. Stone hits a lung blower on Cameron for the three. Kobald spears Stone for a two count. Stone pops up, flips Kobald off the top and Stone wins the match. Real fun match. Unique combinations. These guys wanted to get noticed.

Frightmare vs Ophidian.

Delirious has shown up. Ophidian works over Frightmare’s arm. Something isn’t clicking for me. Frightmare with a spike Frankensteiner. Ophidian with a death grip and Frightmare taps. Delirious comes in to give Ophidian the kiss of victory, I guess. Mantis checks on Frightmare.

I was down, up, down for the card so far. Let’s see where the rest of the night takes us.

The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger vs Icarus.

Icarus backing down from the giant in the crowd is fantastic. Is the Stranger, Archie?! Fans clap “we don’t know you.” We get a doe-see-doe! The Stranger kicks dirt at Icarus. The Stranger out ranks the referee! Stranger rides Icarus. Icarus is now in control, and he shuts down the Stranger’s shenanigans. Icarus with a back stabber. Crowd telling Stranger to “cowboy up”. Stranger off the top with a big double axe handle and gets two. Stranger gets the lasso ready, brings Icarus in. Stranger hits a powerbomb and a big leg drop off the top for the win. Really fun match. So much silliness but it worked.

3.0 and Gran Akuma vs Soldier Ant, DeviANT, and CombatANT.

Soldier Ant is with GEKIDO now?! Oh, he’s a POW! Once its five or all six guys this is a blast. Soldier Ant not working the Swarm style, but still wanting to win the match is interesting. 3.0 with some sort of double team move I can’t call on CombatANT. Good finish, fun match. Solider Ant is ordered to the back.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious which matches I’m into and which ones I’m not. I enjoyed the Soldier Ant story here so it’s a little higher than some of the other matches.

Jakob Hammermeir and Tim Donst vs the Batiri.

Tim is despondant. Jakob takes the beat down. Hey, it’s all heels in this match. Miserable Donst is great. Delirious is now at ringside. One of the Batiri touches Donst’s shaved head. Donst rolls Jakob out of the ring, now making Tim the legal man. Donst taking out both members of the Batiri. Donst and Jakob can’t agree on the next move. This allows the Batiri to make a comeback. Donst pushes Jakob into a DDT and the Batiri get the win. Fans chant “hug it out” but Donst pushes Jakob away.

Match was fine but now I’m very curious to see where this angle goes next.

The Shard vs Sugar Dunkerton.

Sugar with the basketballs head butt. Shard is dominant until Sugar moves out of the way. What did Shard hit? I want to say a Gory special? Sugar with a super quick roll up and he actually gets the pin. Good work but really a quick nothing match.

The Heart Throbs?! and the Young Bucks vs Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, Jigsaw, and Mike Quackenbush.

Antonio Thomas used to wrestle frequently for 2CW so I’ve seen him a lot. Quack is showing off. All four faces go for a dive but the heels retreat. The heels make a new plan on the whiteboard. Great spots. Nick Jackson splashes his teammates after Quack tricks him. Back to the white board. Arm bends over the ropes on Mantis. The spot comes back when the Bucks aren’t paying attention and do it to the Heart Throbs. The Heart Throbs fit into the Chikara style very well. Lots of fun. OMG the Heart Throbs as dimwits is great. Antonio is locked in an abdominal stretch while the other six guys have a spot fest. Where did the puppet come from?! Hallowicked hits Go to Sleepy Hallow and a cradle pin on Thomas for the win.

Did the Heart Throbs get a “please come back” chant?

Sara Del Rey vs Eddie Kingston (C).

I wouldn’t say Eddie has a baby face but this show is nearly ten years old.

Sara is in crazy shape for this match. Eddie telling Sara to give him everything she can dish out. Eddie spits at Sara! She just keeps kicking his head for this. At this point of the match, I still feel like Eddie is holding back a bit against a woman. Great slow build but still action packed. The crowd loves Sara. Eddie never forgets to sell the arm that Sara keeps attacking. Gavin in the background standing up to call the match. Eddie grabs the ropes at the last moment! Eddie’s hand does not drop the third time. Back fist! Again! but the arm is weak because of Sara’s attacks and Eddie only gets a two. Sara with a huge pile driver and Eddie barely kicks out. The emotion in this match is incredible. Backfist, sliding elbow, and Eddie gets the three!


Eddie lays the belt down and bows to Sara. “Thank you Sara” chants. Eddie leaves the ring first. I was wondering if this is her Chikara farewell, but that’s the next match.

The first half of the show was really hit or miss for me. I got interested in some future stories and lightened up. Then the eight man and the title match were so good and I felt happy by the end of it.

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