Steven Universe: Crystal Clean Graphic Novel Review.

From: Created by Rebecca Sugar. Written by Talya Perper. Illustrated by S. M. Mara. Colored by Kieran Quigley. Lettered by Mike Fiorentino. Published by Kaboom.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems decide to clean up the house. When the job is done they take a break on the beach, but there’s some sort of green filth everywhere. They clean the beach too, but there’s more the next morning. Upon investigation they discover that there is some sort of green muck monster leaving slime everywhere. Is it a corrupted gem? Can they save Beach City? And who knows more than they are letting on?

This original graphic novel was a blast. It fits right into a very specific moment in the Steven Universe series. The humans of Beach City are all in different places. Peridot is at the temple, not at the farm. Everyone is needed to move the story forward. The comics have lots of short stories that are about Steven and one or two other characters but this expanded tale really shows the world that was created throughout the show’s history. I could probably figure out which two episodes this story takes place between.

Obviously the creative team has love for the show but they also paid attention. Steven Universe is more than punching bad guys. If anything, that’s the last resort. The show teaches kids, and their parents, about listening. Discussing problems, offering help, being brave, getting through trauma. Knowing when to ask for help. Steven and the Gems only get through this story by learning to have trust and faith in each other. They have to share their emotions. They have to listen to their hearts. They have to have open communication.

This was an overall fast read but it packed so much into the story. I got a lot out of it and I think any kid who is into the show would read this over and over again. If anything more is done with the show, this book would make a fun one hour movie.

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