Steven Universe: Our Fearful Trip Graphic Novel Review.

Published by Kaboom! Created by Rebecca Sugar. Written by Terry Blas. Illustrated by Gabriele Bagnoli. Colors by Joana LaFuente. Letters by Mike Fiorentino. Collecting issues 25-28.

Featuring Space Pirate Captain Lars!

As a long time watcher of the Steven Universe show I was shocked by some of the twists and turns in the final season. The biggest of which was the evolution of Lars. Especially when I realize the tribute to classic anime character, Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Something about this new version of Lars immediately sprang to the top of my favorite characters list. Thankfully, his adventures aren’t over and this collection features a new tale that fits seamlessly between the TV shows.

Steven and Connie are putting together a care package for Lars. Meanwhile, his spaceship is out of gas and trapped. There might be no way out for Lars. Will the care package and help arrive in time? Is this it for Lars and the Off Colors?

I can’t give any of that away of course. The book looks great, really getting the feel of the episodes. Even better, the voices came through too. Lars’s doubt. Fluorite’s drawn out speech. Padparadscha’s gift. Her gift especially works well in this issue.

The spaceship heads into a nebula to avoid capture. While there something funny happens to their perceptions of reality and each member of the crew is forced to confront their worst fears. This isn’t spoilers, but classic story telling, they all realize they need to face their fears and move forward in order to get out of the bad thing that is happening. Only by moving forward emotionally can they literally move forward physically. It’s a heck of a lesson for kids and an even tougher lesson for an adult.

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