WWE SummerSlam 2021 Predictions.

A quick prediction post this month. I’m cleaning up for someone’s birthday party later today. But my dad called me to ask about tonight. Probably thinking about our trip to Brooklyn a few years ago. So let’s look at who I think will win, not who I want to win.

Roman Reigns (Smackdown champion) vs John Cena.

I’m loving Cena’s return but especially with Punk returning to AEW I think WWE wants Roman to be the longest reigning champion of the modern era. He has it until Mania.

Winner: Roman Reigns.

Bobby Lashley (Raw champion) vs Goldberg.

Goldberg is a great ratings and money pop but there’s no way he should hold the title. Not at his age and not part time.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Bianca Belair (Smackdown women’s champion) vs Sasha Banks.

At the time of writing the rumor is Sasha won’t wrestle tonight. No reason why yet but I still think Bianca will have a long reign to really cement her as a star. Maybe her winning tonight is why Sasha isn’t wrestling? Who knows. Unless Becky is the replacement, Bianca keeps the title.

Nikki ASH (Raw women’s champion) vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley.

This title has been very unpredictable of late. I could see any of the women winning. Just for fun, I’m going to say Rhea wins. Something screwy. Something that makes this feud continue.

The Usos (Smackdown tag team champions) vs the Mysterios.

I feel like people are still waiting for a DWI punishment. Losing a title in front of thousands of fans might be considered punishment. I say the Mysterios get the titles back.

AJ Sykes and Omos (Raw tag team champions) vs RK-Bro

I’m loving RK-Bro and I think there’s more to do there with them as champions. Title change.

Edge vs Seth Rollins.

I really should care more about this match but I just don’t. Edge should win here. Too many losses and we’ll start to ask why he came back.

Sheamus (US champion) vs Damian Priest.

Absolutely time to move the US title. Especially when I don’t see the world titles changing. Give Priest a chance with a title and see what he can do.

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal.

I actually like Jinder and I’m glad to see him back in such a spot. But I just don’t see him beating Drew. I think Drew is close to being in a permanent main event spot. A guy that can be put in there with zero story and the fans buy it. A win here keeps him in that spot.

Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie.

I just don’t care. Eva by DQ.

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