Aw Yeah Hasbro Action Figure Jam Graphic Novel Review

This volume collects issues 1-3. Published by IDW. Written and drawn by Art Baltazar.

Your favorite and forgotten Hasbro properties collide in this adventure created by arguably the most perfect style in the world to pull off such a feat. Characters from G.I. Joe, Transformers, Micronauts, and Rom all try to take down Baron Karza in the microverse, sorry microspace, and in the “normal” world.

The story is loads of fun. Karza runs mad and is such an evil force of id. The various heroes pop in and out as the story progresses and it all makes sense in this crazy world. I enjoyed every bit of it and felt like the end of this volume, issue 3, just started to get going. It looks like maybe there was an issue 4 solicited but it never came out. Also, the series was originally called Aw Yeah Revolution.

I think I’ve stumbled across my big issue with these issues. I love G.I. Joe, Transformers is a step down from there but just a step. M.A.S.K. is on the copyright page but doesn’t factor into this, however that’s a cartoon I enjoyed too. But the Micronauts? Rom? These characters came along too early. Back when the 2/3 rule still applied. Franchises could have toys, comics, and a cartoon. But not all 3. Choose your two. Micronauts and Rom chose the comic and toy route. While the comics are beloved and enjoyed and remembered, the toys are after thoughts. There’s so few of them and they are distant memories instead of beloved franchises from childhood. Rom had a long running Marvel comic, sat dormant for decades, and has had a couple more comics in recent years. The Micronauts have a similar story.

So who is this comic for? I’m 43 and Rom and the Micronauts just missed me by months. The graphic novel has Hasbro on the front, but the single issues didn’t. Art’s style is amazing and there are fans that will buy anything from him. Honestly, I think Baltazar has a bigger fan base right now than Micronauts and Rom combined. But the comic assumes the reader has a familiarity with the characters, so an audience of mid 40s to 50s. It’s good. It’s loads of fun. But I can’t imagine it increased the fan base for these Hasbro properties.

Properties that do deserve more. Side note, but I don’t understand why companies sit on franchises and do nothing with them. Put out something, anything. Comics, toys, animation, anything. Rom other than the comics has made zero money for 30 years. Micronauts, Tiger Sharks, and on and on. There’s a reason kids still know Batman and Superman but don’t know the Shadow, or Doc Savage, because one has constantly been in front of them but one disappears for decades. The idea of Aw Yeah should be monthly and last for years. Not this quick possibly copyright renewing blip.

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