At Odds with Wrestling Homework: AIW A Touch of Evil.

This event is brand new and I watched it on and so can you. This show was the most recent assignment from the At Odds with Wrestling podcast. I’ve enjoyed a few AIW shows in this manner and I’m always up for another one. This show was packed and some matches left me blown up even though I never left my couch. Let’s head down to ringside.

To Infinity and Beyond vs Bulking Season.

Real fun opener. Colin had some great sneaky spots to gain the advantage. Arthur McArthur gets a bit fucked up during this match, and I hope he’s alright. Colin and Cheech get the win and I’m all set. Good start to the show. I felt like everyone went all out but not to a point of over shadowing later matches or taking too much out of the crowd.

Chase Oliver vs Lee Moriarty.

Chase wins with a shooting star press. Good showing for Chase. There is a lot of faith behind him to be the next big thing, if he can stay healthy. His story held my interest more than NXT’s breakout superstar tournament. AIW, building the stars of tomorrow.

Brian Carson and Casey Carrington issue an open challenge which is answered by 40 Acres, Joseline Navarro and PB Smooth.

Joseline starts strong and looks amazing, then takes the face beating. She tags in the big man and PB Smooth is a beast. PB easily takes out Casey and gets the quick pin. I feel like there was one more man around last time I saw 40 Acres. But these two could be huge with this dynamic.

Ethan Wright vs Tom Lawlor.

Lawlor with the denim over denim look. Good technical work, then – and you wont even notice it happening – about five minutes in this match is really really good. It builds and builds and you almost have to snap yourself back into reality because all that exists is the screen and this match. Bigger and bigger moves. Great psychology. Tom muscles Ethan up with a pump handle into some sort of slam right on his head. Tom gets the pin. The “Masked Marauder” attacks Tom after the match.

Kaplan vs Mance Warner.


Chair shots. Into the crowd. The doors are out! Mancer catches Kaplan coming off the top with a nasty chair shot. Kaplan clotheslines the door into Mance. Kaplan with a dominator onto the door. How is this chair and door Jenga stack staying together?! Mance with an ousted founder of NXT sledge hammer shot for the pin. Damn, that was a fun beat the shit out of each other match.

The Bitcoin Boys with the unforgettable Duke vs the Mane Event.

This match is all Mane Event until Duke causes the distraction. Duke does a great job of distracting the faces and creating opportunities for his Boys. Bitcoin gets in these sudden moves that only small guys can do. Still feels like 90% of the match is Mane Event though. Duke uses his boot to give his team the win.

Levi Everett vs Matthew Justice (with Bill Alfonso).

This is a FIGHT. I honestly saw Levi as a comedy act, but that is out the window now. Levi crashes through the table set up in the guard rail corner. Justice with a Van-Daminator to the door but Levi moved out from under! Levi to the top, Fonzie breaks it up at 2. Levi with the chair assisted armbar – an amazing move. Fonzie in and throws chairs at Levi. Levi hits a spine buster on Justice through the door for another two. Levi with two diving headbutts to chairs on Justice and still only two but now Justice is busted open. Fonzie smashes Levi with a door. Justice spears Levi off apron through table. Justice hits Van-Daminator and this time it connects for the three. Crazy match and I have to imagine Levi jumped up a lot in many people’s eyes.

Derek Dillinger (with Ziggy Haim) vs Danhausen.

Danhausen brings out… Terri Runnels! She looks great and plays her part in the match so well.

This is my first time seeing Danhausen and…. I don’t get it yet. The match was fine. I was honestly shocked Dillinger won. But I don’t get the gimmick yet. I love Orange Cassidy. I love theatrics. Hell, Ghost is one of my favorite bands. But what is he doing? What is he going for? I felt like I’m reading issue 10 of an acclaimed 12 issue run. I know something is happening, and something is here but I just don’t get it. Everyone did well. There’s nothing bad in the match. But I was a bit lost and trying to understand who or what Danhausen is, and being so worried about that that I couldn’t enjoy the match. Someone point me towards a 101 class on Danhausen and help me out.

Joshua Bishop (Absolute and Intense champion) vs Philly Collins.

Earlier in the night I was thinking to myself that count outs and disqualifications only exist to ensure someone doesn’t get pinned and to further stories. Neither needs to exist. Fights can go anywhere. As long as the pinfall takes place in the ring, except for when it is previously announced it doesn’t have to. AIW felt like a promotion that doesn’t have to do either. Balls out, let them fight, give the fans a show. So I was shocked when this match went to a no contest. Collins was doing great and I enjoyed the hell out of his constant kick outs. But I expected eventually Bishop would win.

However, I do want to know what happens next. And there was a show the following night. Plus three more announced within the next 30 days. As a chapter in a story, AIW did it’s job and I can’t wait to tune in to IWTV for the rest of the story.

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