Something is Killing the Children Volume Two Graphic Novel Review.

From: James Tynion IV, writer. Werther Dell’edera, artist. Miquel Muerto, colorist. Andworld Design, letters. Published by Boom! Studios.

I previously reviewed volume one and went into the story, the writing, the art. All of that good stuff to break down what makes a comic great. With volume two though, it’s time to talk a bit about the story without spoiling any of it for new readers.

To read the volume one review, click HERE.

What I love in volume two, and what I have to imagine will continue to happen as the series progresses, is the opposite of what most comics have been doing for years. Volume two is not a new story, it is a continuation. While other stories will have the main bad guy defeated and move on to something else in the next book, Something is Killing the Children shows that one victory does not solve every problem.

A monster, any creature, does not exist in and of itself. There has to be something before and frequently, something after as well. Much like we have parents and children, animals and maybe even monsters came from something before hand and give birth to something that will succeed them. There is a survival drive to ensure the continuation of your species, or even your line. We humans do it with our own offspring and our protective nature. What might a monster do?

This comic also doesn’t ignore trauma, a consequence that should be explored more in this medium. Not only the burden of living while others have died. But also the weight of knowledge. An adventure, an experience, that we are so used to reading in comics would change every bit of a real person experiencing it. How would any character go back to a normal life after discovering what they thought was true of the world not just ripped but eviserated away? Fantasy now becomes what we consider the “normal” world. Dreams are an escape from the new reality that the unkonwn and unseen are now made flesh, but they’ll take yours if they have the chance.

All of this comes together in a flawed main character. Erica Slaughter isn’t perfect, she is making what she thinks to be the best decision at the moment. Moments that test limits and test death. Of course there are going to be negative ripples out of every choice. But it’s worth people wishing she would die, because at least that means they’re still alive.

I honestly think as Something is Killing the Children continues, it will be seen as the new lead horror title in all of comics. Taking that top spot away from The Walking Dead. High praise maybe, but terror, trauma, and character development are coming together as a monster hit that we can all see.

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