The Worst Wrestling Book Ever.

Where to start? All of the WWF stars of the 80s. With the 90s WWF scratch logo. With WWF 80s stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sting.

This is a print on demand book from Amazon that happened to come through work one day. Someone bought this. Someone wanted it. I can’t say they wanted to read it because this is all that is inside.

Let’s look at some of the stars of the 80s. All with the scratch logos, not the WWF logo of the time.

Hercules, Koko B Ware, Hillbilly Jim. Sure. Stars of the 80s in WWF. I can’t disagree with that.

But who can forget Terry Gordy’s 1980s run in WWF while UWF champion. Or the many pay per view matches featuring Kevin Von Erich.

What gets me is that’s all that this book is. I’m not cropping anything. It is full of cheap copies of promo photos with that WWF Attitude logo added below. No rhyme or reason to who is included. No biographies, title wins, or any information of any kind. Just a few dozen pictures and that’s it. All this really proves is I need to get going on my own writing because if who ever cobbled this together can make some cash then I certainly can.

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