Will Aliens Do My Homework? Comic Book Review

From David Whalen and published by Correct Handed Comics.

I interviewed David Whalen twice now for the Hellions Talks podcast and discussed this comic a lot already but for those of you who don’t listen to the podcast, make sure to pick up this title.

A simple enough story. A teacher just trying to get through to her fourth graders. When suddenly the ships show up and aliens have attacked school grounds. She gathers her class and adapts to every new situation. Her goal is to keep her students safe no matter what.

The comic is loads of fun but also terrifying. The kids show every bit of emotion to be expected in the classroom. Some that do what they’re told, some who are only concerned about themselves, some who are ignorant. Not that any teacher will openly say that they have all of those types of kids in their classes but we all know it. Doesn’t matter, our heroic teacher must get every one of them through the school day and back home safe. Even if aliens disrupt the day.

There are panels that I have flat out told David are amazing. An escape through the woods switches from safety to isolation to terror. This story of survival had me more engrossed than most movies or TV shows have been able to pull off. As we all witnessed how quick one new outside force can bring our normal society to a halt, a tale of aliens on an other wise normal day doesn’t seem as otherworldly as it may have just two years ago.

To listen to my podcast with David Whalen click the link HERE.

I’ll be discussing more of Correct Handed Comics in the future and if you want to get your hands on any of them yourself, head over to their official SITE.

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