My First New York Championship Wrestling Show.

Let’s talk about it!

This past Saturday, September 11, 2021, I made the short drive to a nearby town and had the pleasure of watching my first independent wrestling show in….. Oh geez… 8 years? Maybe 9? I was lucky enough to interview one of the wrestlers, Jordan Falco, for my podcast and walked into the venue on my own without any knowledge of what NYCW would be. I can’t remember the last time I watched anything as a blank slate, and while that’s how I entered the building I left as a convert.

I took a front row seat and looked around. Lots of people who were familiar with each other. Looked like a good dedicated fan base. Some merch tables, but I knew I was going to check that out during intermission. I already knew I’ll be comfortable taking my kid toa show.

The show starts with an exciting 6 man tag match and I knew I was in for a good show. This was one of the most well booked shows I’ve ever been to. Building talent. Building to the next show. Building feuds. Everything was taking place for a reason. Nothing felt like just throw two people out there. “Planet Wrestling” wasn’t just a show that exists on its own. It was a chapter of a longer story. People came back for revenge or back up during the show. Matches were made for the next event, which I’ve already made sure I can attend. Best of all, these stories flowed naturally. Nothing felt forced or insulting to the fans.

To the delight of every one of those fans, these guys were good. One of the great parts of independent wrestling is the proximity to the action. Every match delivered. Yet everyone was different. There was high flying, there was techinical, there were chops that echoed, there were explosive suplexes. Every single wrestler had something he did better than any one else on the show and they filled their niche. I never felt like I saw the same thing twice.

Best of all, thanks to these fans, I felt like I was at home. NYCW is celebrating three years and some fo these fans have defintiely been there from day one. They added as much to the show as the wrestlers, and there was familiarity between them. It usually takes me a couple matches before I stop feeling self conscious and can let myself be a mark of a fan. All of the cheers and chants set me at ease and took me on a journey. While I may have not known what was happening on my way in I had guides surrounding me.

I can’t recommend going to one of these shows enough and I’m looking forward to taking my kid to the next one. Expect to see and hear more about NYCW on this site and the podcast as we witness central New York become a hub for great wrestling.

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