At Odds with Wrestling Extra Credit: Rhodes to the Top Episodes 3 and 4.

I try to help people, so if I can watch Rhodes to the Top in order to spare others the pain, so be it.

Last week I thought this show had hour long episodes, so I recorded one episode this week. No! Back to back. Two episodes. I watched one last night and another today after messing around with too many apps in order to find the show.

These two shows should be sub titled “you think your back hurts?!”

Cody is getting ready for his upcoming match with Anthony Agogo and to hype it up we’re going to have a live weigh in on Dynamite. The scale isn’t working properly. Paul Wight is having trouble messing around with it. Everyone feels the segment is dragging and failing. Nearly the entire episode 3 and a good part of 4 is spent getting everyone’s opinion about how bad this segment was. Honestly, I had forgotten all about it. More time is dedicated to the segment on this show than when it originally happened. We all know reality shows are scripted, so part of me now wonders if the segment was bad on purpose to give fodder for this show.

There is less funny AEW cameos and walk throughs on this episode. People show up, say hi, but nothing like episode one. I would love a backstage chaos reality show. Like wrestling mixed with the Muppet Show. But that’s not what is being served.

Speaking of things that would be better shows, Eric Bischoff is fantastic here. Eric talks to Cody about Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes. Bischoff is there for advice on how to run a company, move forward, put on a pay per view. That is a show. I would watch the hell out of wise old man Bisch giving advice to young wrestlers and promoters. He comes across as the most likeable character on the show.

Much of these two episodes is spent joking over how unprepared Cody and Brandi are for a child. They have no free time now. Brandi wants to get back in the ring and only take one day off. Cody can’t figure out the car seat. Much of this is legitimate thoughts from new parents but dialed up for reality tv. Nothing wrong with that.

The most absurd one though is when Cody forgets to have a bed put in his tour bus for Brandi. The American Nightmare bus has his logo and graphics, and they hired a bus driver, and I’m sure he picked out the upholstery. But you forget a bed for your wife? Your pregnant wife?

Honestly, I was watching the camera angles and I think just past the 4 bunk bed area is a master bedroom. That bus is huge and we definitely didn’t see all of it. Pay no attention to the sleeping CBO behind the curtain!

Later, Cody is worried about his back before his big match with Ogogo. He has four herniated discs and needs some work to get loose enough for the match. Both of the Rhodes wonder how long they can keep spinning so many plates before it hurts.

Oh, Cody’s sister still doesn’t get along with Brandi, but Dustin and her are tight. Cody’s match goes well. Yay. Brandi will bring the baby to work and get back in the ring. Next week, the baby might be arriving and it looks like the moms throw their opinions out there some more.

This is lowest common denominator television. Reminders of who everyone is after every commercial break. Spelling out simple things in great detail. There are two different shows as I mentioned earlier that would be far more interesting, but that’s not the show that is being edited together. I guess I’m in for the season at this point but I don’t expect any lasting impact from the show.

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