At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Escape the Undertaker.

It’s spooky season once again, and the frights extend to the weekly homework. Every week without a pay per view, the At Odds with Wrestling hosts alternate homework assignments from all corners of professional wrestling. This week’s assignment, to watch the new Netflix original: Escape the Undertaker. But that’s not all! This is an interactive movie. Every choice, made with your remote, decides where the story will go next. Not only is the assignment to watch, but also to unlock the urn, and to keep track of the progress. Many notes were taken. Did I succeed? Let’s find out.

The plot of this experience sees the New Day knocking on Undertaker’s door. They want to add the power of the urn to the power of positivity. Undertaker allows them in because the urn craves souls, and three have just presented themselves to him. As the story progresses the viewer has to keep the New Day alive, unlock the urn, and escape. Let’s head down to ringside for the play by play.

The Undertaker asks if the viewer is brave enough. Select I’m Ready or I’m too scared.

I’m ready.

Oh. Hitting pause gives the option to undo your last choice. I didn’t use this option, but cool to know it’s there.

The New Day enter the Taker mansion and see all sorts of creepy paths ahead of them.

Follow whispers. Follow fog. Follow light.

I follow the fog.

Xavier goes into the fog and is almost grabbed by Undertaker. Big E calls for help. The urn is taking Big E’s soul.

At this point I decide to always follow Xavier and there’s safety in numbers. Go against horror movie tropes.

Search upstairs. Search basement.

Woods sounded more confident about upstairs, so we’re going up. The New Day search some library of gothic items. Big E finds a vial of something inside a book.

Leave power vial. Keep power vial.

I keep it because why would there be an option to take something if it isn’t needed later? This goes back to the wizard inside of the cave in Legend of Zelda. Kofi opens a secret passage.

Follow Kofi. Stay in library.

Stay in the library. Strength in numbers. Even if that number is two. E gets a headache and Woods loses a hand. No, he’s fooling us all! He found a key. Time to unlock the urn. Oh, but it’s only one half of the key! Big E throws up purple ectoplasm.

Keep searching. Bust urn out.

No good will come from breaking the urn open. I keep searching.

Down in the basement we enter a morgue. Isaac Yankem is on the slab.

Follow Xavier. Stick with the others.

This was tough, but I went with strength in numbers yet again. Xavier is pulled into the fog. Kofi climbs above the fog and scales the pipes in the ceiling to reach the second key. The fog disappears and they return to the urn. Kofi is thrown through a side door. They combine the keys and unlock the urn. Big E gets his soul back. Touching the urn forces you to confront your fears.

Follow Xavier’s fear. Follow Kofi’s. Follow E’s.

I pick Kofi and he is buried alive. Like many wrestlers his worst fear is getting buried. Makes sense. Undertaker says he’ll release Woods if he joins the dark side.

Join Undertaker. Stay loyal.

Sticking with my plan, I stay loyal. All of the New Day are in coffins. Next they all escape and confront Undertaker. Who attacks first?

Big E. Kofi. Xavier.

Again, I go with Xavier. New Day gets knocked around. Taker gets floating electrical powers. Kofi comes to and takes out Undertaker. But he sits up! It’s the power of the urn.

Grab urn. Destroy the urn.

At this point I’m thinking no good will come from the power of the urn. I vote to destroy it. Big E pulls out the vial! I made the right choice. E now has the power to destroy the urn. Undertaker and the urn are gone. A casket appears which acts as a portal to the front yard where it is now morning. A new day, if you will.

Face your fears. Rest in peace.

I’m done. We escaped. Rest in peace. The Undertaker sends his congratulations for escaping. Apparently I also picked the bald Undertaker ending. Because I know he had hair earlier in the movie. Must be one of the urn’s powers. Magical hair growth. Much like that 80s classic The Peanut Butter Solution.

This was fun. I’m not sure if my decisions actually mattered. Is there a path that leads to death? Or is this kid friendly and no matter what is picked the heroes pop back up in the next scene? As much as I enjoyed playing I didn’t want to sit down to see what other endings I could earn. I won, I escaped, I have tons of stuff to watch. I’m out. This took me just over a half hour. If someone else, like my kid, wants to play I would go through it again. But I’m all set with a one off. Until next year’s sequel of course.

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