At Odds with Wrestling Extra Credit: Rhodes to the Top Episode 5.

Only one episode this week. The season (season?) finale will air next Saturday after AEW Dynamite. Cody’s sister gives Brandi a baby bracelet and Cody thinks it comes with strings attached. Cody puts over the Nightmare Academy wrestlers. Brandi goes into labor.

Alright, the Rhodes family stuff is classic reality show trash and filler. It’s fake, it’s boring, it gives a sense of tension for people still fooled by reality shows. Cody wanting the best for his students is some good content. He wants to give something back, he wants to train new talent, he wants to grow new AEW stars. He’s looking out for Brock Anderson as a fellow second generation wrestlers. That’s some compelling TV. Dustin helping the women wrestlers. Even with little things like where to look at the camera. Very interesting wrestling based stuff.

Not that it all has to be wrestling. Brandi and Cody rush to the hospital and the end of the episode introduces their daughter Liberty to the world. They seem like such happy genuine new parents. Any ridiculousness in the ring or on this show, or even rumors, goes away once you see the pride. It’s the most “real” moment either has shown thus far in the short history of the show.

Unfortunately there’s one more episode to come, and no word yet on a second season. No one is counting down the days until Brandi returns to the ring. Cody is Cody, he’s good as long as he doesn’t stray too far away from his trademarks in the ring. But that’s not enough drama for reality shows, so I have no doubt something absurd will happen. Maybe even a cliffhanger as a push for a second season.

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