At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Chikara King of Trios 2012 Night 3.

Alright, you all know why you’re here and what this is all about by now. Head over to At Odds with Wrestling to stay up to date on the show and all the shenanigans.

We have some pre show homework first. Bryce has weekly hype for the three night tournament. Across 4 clips there are promos from Tommy Dreamer, Icarus, Green Ant, a way way too long one from Mike Quackenbush, 3.0, the Throwbacks including Mat Classic asking what happened to the African one? And finally the devious Ultra Mantis Black.

The main show begins with Team ROH vs Team Sendai Girls.

One of the Bucks slips off the ropes and crotches himself. Not sure if it was real or a bit. Wow though. This match is nuts. It’s crazy how fast the taboo of hitting a woman goes away. Amazing work from the Sendai Girls and Team ROH does what is expected. I mean, I’ve seen the Bucks many many times, I get it. But Team Sendai Girls was just balls out energy. I fully expect to see that air band spot brought back by the Super Elite any day now. We all agree Maria is the bigger star than Mike, right? More Bang for Your Buck gets the pin but to quote, “those broads could work”. Indeed they could, and wouldn’t that be a great thing to showcase on the company you’re an EVP for?

The Spectral Envoy vs FIST.

Why is Sugar with FIST? Frightmare limps in due to an attack the day before and sells it the entire match. There is some Grade A stalling from FIST. FIST targets Frightmare’s leg, which they should of course but also gets great heel reactions and really builds up the fan support for the Envoy. Frightmare fights out with a crucifix bomb counter. For some reason Sugar is clapping for the Envoy. We get a classic baby powder spot. A three count, no! It’s only a two. Are we sure? Is anyone sure about this? Let’s do it again for the three and the Spectral Envoy gets the win. Sugar gets himself over while taking the losers walk with FIST.

Ophidian vs Saturyne.

Ophidian at the jump! Damn. Saturyne almost gets the pin after a spike piledriver. Ophidian has to be raising her game up here because these two are clicking very well. Diving knees from the top by Ophidian and Saturyne still kicks out! Ophidian locks on a cobra clutch death grip and Saturyne’s hand drops three times. I mean, I know, but heck of a match here.

Ten Man Tag Team Gauntlet.

This one was crazy. So much happening. Jakob and Donst cut a promo and then are the first team out. They take on Green Ant and Fire Ant. Fire Ant shows the size of the venue. Jakob’s loyalty and Donst’s abuse is some compelling viewing. Jakob with a super plex but Green Ant rolls and gets a small package for the win. Best part of this is Jakob taking the bullet for Donst and I’m very curious where this story goes in future Chikara shows.

Devestation Corporation with Sidney Bakavala is out next and they are massive. Shoulder press toss slams. A top rope assisted splash for the win. The Colony is eliminated.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle are out next and I mean, obviously they have no chance. There’s a one leap to the top rope toss move that’s crazy athletic. The Death Blow for the finisher and we have to wonder if anyone can stop the Devestation.

Jolly Roger and Lance Steel are out next. Good to see them back in Chikara but I have a feeling it won’t be for long. Lance’s armor comes into play. Blaster doesn’t sell. Roger is off the top but gets caught, slammed, and pinned. This is some great tag team building here. They look unstoppable.

Johnny Myagi and Ralph Macchio Jr are out next. The Death Blow reigns down once more and Devestation Corporation marches on. I mean what’s stronger than Devestation.

Demolition! The crowd goes nuts as soon as that music hits. Arguably top 5 most iconic wrestling theme music ever. Very interesting to see that Devestation doesn’t look as massive next to Demolition. “Big” vs “indie big”. Demolition plays all the hits and gets the pin!

The Powers of Pain are out next! A wave of nostalgia and joy fills the crowd. Both Powers look to be in great shape considering the decades that have passed. The Barbarian kicks and Warlord pins Smash. At this point I don’t think a winner matters, we’re all just having fun.

The 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannety are out next! The crowd can’t believe what’s happening. Kid hits a spinning heel kick and Marty pins the Barbarian. There’s only one team left!

Los Ice Creams are out. There are plenty of shenanigans from the Ice Creams to throw off their opponents. The Kid gets pissed when Ice Creams hit his signature Bronco Buster. “We want sprinkles” chat. A cross body/brain buster combination gives Kid and Marty the win! Kid seems humble and appreciates the win. Marty keeps talking and trying to get himself over a bit more.

Darkness Crabtree, Johvel Sanders, Colt Cabana, Swamp Monster vs 3.0, Ebessan, Takoyakida.

“Oh Canada” singing. “Whatever the hell Orange Cassidy is.” This is going to be nuts. “Colonel Angus, part of the Gentlemen’s Club,” that’s an awfully risque line for a Chikara show.

Sanders tries to catch chops. Ebessan can’t stand the Swamp Monster’s smell. “Stop! What’s that?” The comedy spots in this match are insane. I might show this match to my kid. Just so funny and so well done. Leg head lock chain and Colt with the crab. Ebessan walks over everyone. This is just absurd in a good way. Everyone collides, falls, two counts, chops, pin attempt, again. The timing to get everyone together on this! An intense game of duck duck goose. Ebessan drops and kills Crabtree! Bryce calls for a moment of silence. Matthews gets the Red Bull for Crabtree and he’s a house of fire! For a minute. Then drops again. Takoyakida off the top but he falls short, 3.0 throw him into Crabtree to get the pin. The Swamp Monster is hauled away by the Department of Truth and Crabtree is revived once more. Fantastic match.

Command Bolshoi & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs Kaori Yoneyama & Manami Toyota. Now, I’m not the Japanese wrestling expert Adam is so I tried my best. Suplex into press slam was nuts. Sick looking back of the head dropkicks. A crazy amount of two counts. Tsubasa pins Kaori to win the match. Real strong wrestling. I need to watch more Joshi. I would have liked to have seen more from Toyota, but it was probably a busy and exhausting weekend.

Jigsaw vs Tadasuke. Did Jigsaw get knocked out for a bit in the first few moments of this match? Does Joe have a regrettable tattoo? Joe and Bryce are fantastic together and elevate the match with their commentary. Just as I think that, Jigsaw gets knocked out?! The referee stops the match. I’m stunned. That was dominant and scary. Especially to an established Chikara star like Jigsaw. Very curious what happens next.

The Spectral Envoy vs Team ROH in the King of Trios finals.

Mantis barely kicking out before the three causes the crowd to erupt. There is no doubt who the fans want to win and who they are invested in. This is a near three hour show and the fans are alive and reacting to everything in the match. Fingers crossed that the Envoy get the win. Ophidian, Kobald, the Batiri and Delirious all come out and it’s game over for the Spectral Envoy. But wait, Crossbones is here! He takes out Delirious. Everyone fights on the floor. Mantis super plexes Matt Jackson from the top rope onto everyone battling on the floor. Hallowicked and Mike Bennett are the only two remaining in the ring. Mike taps to the Chikara Special but Maria is distracting the referee! Mike Jackson accidentally superkicks Maria! “Someone needs to attend to Maria. I’ll be back.” No, that didn’t come out of my mouth. Joe said that! I’ll be holding this one over him any time he questions my thirst. Bennett taps to the Chikara Special on the second attempt. The Spectral Envoy wins and is your King of Trios! The crowd wants Mantis to speak. “We… did it!” Nothing more needed to be said.

What is Mantis’s music? Sounds like a doom metal band. I’m digging it.

In a post credit scene, (thanks for the heads up Kevin Ford), Maria is putting over the weekend and how much fun everyone is having when Manami Toyota walks by and stares her down. Maria waits until Toyota has passed before sticking her tongue out. Worth staying the extra minute.

Absolute blast of a show. Real hot crowd that was super familiar with the Chikara product, and wrestlers that were brought in for this show. Every bit of it came together for a hell of a viewing experience. One of the best homework assignments thus far.

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