Mirka Andolfo’s Unnatural Volumes 1-3 Graphic Novel Review.

Writer, artist, and colorist Mirka Andolfo. Colors assistant Gianluca Papi (Arancia Studio). Lettering and production Fabio Amelia (Arancia Studio).

The story of an attractive pig girl. At least, that’s what the cover would lead one to believe. A co-worker read Andolfo’s series Mercy and loved it so much he jumped right into Unnatural then handed them to me. I should know better than to judge a book by its cover, but it took the recommendation from another person for me to take the time to read all three volumes, issues 1-12, of this series.

The first issue is interesting and creates a false sense of security and levity. Leslie Blair is just trying to afford life. She isn’t paid enough, she has relationship problems, she wants to sleep in and enjoy her favorite food and distractions. Um, same Leslie. In this anthropomorphic world the totalitarian government has set forth one major society altering rule: marry your own kind, and do so by age 25. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Leslie just turned 25.

As a commentary on LBGT marriage rights, this comic would already be a hit. Who is the government to tell anyone who they can and cannot marry? Staying with your own kind, and by a certain age, is blatant breeding laws. Make more, fuel the engine. That’s when the story gets tricky. Leslie is having dreams of this strange but sexy wolf. There appears to be an agenda behind the matchmaking. Oh, and then her best friend ends up dead and Leslie is the number one suspect.

All of that happens in the first couple issues and the story grows and grows to an epic world building and world changing adventure. Yeah, it’s a sexy pig girl and there’s a lot of beautiful art here. That feeling you got watching certain cartoon characters giving bedroom eyes that you never quite dealt with will come roaring back from your self conscious. But your conscience will be enjoying the hell out of this story. If you believe in crazy things, like any competent adult should be able to date and love any other competent adult, then you’ll love the story. If you think there are some groups who put out misinformation into the world to further their own agendas, agenda which don’t believe in love equality, then there is a huge unravelling conspiracy within this series. While the tease is there for more, the ending of volume three was a satisfying conclusion to Leslie’s growth.

I feel that my initial assumptions of the book were unfair, and a large portion of the book is overcoming judgements and assumptions. I saw what I thought was a furry book, and that is a world that doesn’t do it for me. However, if I didn’t like blondes I would read about blondes. There’s no reason to miss a good story because it doesn’t exactly fit my interests. Same with books like Unnatural which tell stories of love and acceptance through difficult journeys. A timeless tale. 

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