Sock Hop Killer Comic Book Review

Written by Paul Dulski and David Whalen. Illustrated by David Whalen. Published by Correct Handed Comics.

Hey, it’s our friend David Whalen!

Never, ever dump a girl before a big dance. I had a friend who would always break up with girls before dances, holidays, birthdays, what have you. Anything to avoid spending money. He was never murdered, but I can’t say the same for some of the characters in this book.

While I read this during the spooky season I didn’t get to this review in time. Damn shame too, because this is a great horror movie of a comic that would have been perfect for any lovers of scares on screen or page.

Just enough of the story is revealed in this one shot to intrigue, but also hope for more. A poodle skirt and a mask make for an iconic slasher killer look that can always come back for one last scare. Whether the original killer who was wearing the outfit as the fashion of the time, or the newer version for a vintage themed school dance, a knife cuts just the same through the decades.

I love how David’s work as both writer and artist can bring more across on the page than separate individuals. So much is implied in the panels that doesn’t always make the leap from the writer’s mind to the artist’s hands. Not only abuse within the family, but the different kinds and intensities of it. Stress, anxiety, and desperation all come across in the characters’ faces. “Draw an anxious face.” I don’t know how to draw that, but I would know the type of face I’m imagining while writing and I might be able to put that on paper.

There’s also something dramatic in the use of blacks throughout the story. When the Sock Hop Killer is active the art uses more and heavier inks to show her path of destruction. Even pages without her, well without her in an active manner, are surrounded by black borders to show her constant presence in the story. Finally the finale of the book grows darker and darker, all while the art is still crystal clear and none of the violence is buried in darkness, as many a movie does to cover up any mistakes.

Like any good slasher killer I could see the Sock Hop Killer rising again, and I am all for ordering that book should it ever happen over at

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