Swamp Dogs #1 Comic Book Review

Well, actually Swamp Dogs: House of Crows. Written by J. M. Brandt and Theo Prasidis. Illustrated by Kewber Baal. Colored by Ruth Redmond. Lettered by Steve Wands. From Black Caravan by way of Scout Comics. 

Finally, the bayou zombie lesbian grindhouse horror tale we’ve all been waiting for. 

Well, maybe you haven’t been waiting for such a book but that’s only because you haven’t read it yet. This series starts off teasing all of the things that drove our parents crazy in one instantly memorable comic book tale. The swamp holds bodies and secrets, and maybe a bit of a curse? This is only the first issue so it could be many things but when a half decomposed Confederate soldier appears, hearing his origin story is not the top priority.

Love and intimacy are things that should always be a priority. Ayana and Violet meet at a party and are immediately drawn towards each other. There’s something new and mysterious about Ayana and ironically as a visitor to the area, Ayana finds Violet just as intriguing. Tattoos, costumes, and a live rock band – hell, I would be ready to introduce myself to someone as well. 

Maybe even introduce myself to all of the artists. The comic starts off gross and gory, turns funny, becomes sexy, and back to the scares. No, it didn’t take a team to bring all of those moments to the page, just one versatile artist. 

Brandt appeared on the live Wednesday Warriors show to talk about this book and nothing against Prasidis of course, but JM is one cool dude. All of his interests are on the page, the music, the horror, most likely the women too. Plus he looks a bit like Andy Williams, the Butcher in AEW and guitarist of Every Time I Die. As Swamp Dogs continues I have no doubt Brandt will join my list of writers I follow across titles. 

My only complaint about the issue is it’s just too short. There is so much being laid out I can’t wait to see the story explode.

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