At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Nightmare Factory Students Showcase #3

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This isn’t a bad show. It’s pretty much what it should be from brand new talent. I’ve definitely watched worse shows with veteran talent involved. Their experience level is forgivable but creating characters with the imagination of kids on a PlayStation 1 became worse and worse as the show went on. But let’s get to that show. 

“The Canadian Destroyer” Raiden vs “Lightning” Parker Li. 

Not one, but two stolen names! Raiden keeps his mask on like Uber Jason. Li definitely comes into this with some previous athletic background. That said, there’s a lot of headlocks. Good elevation by Li on his dropkick. Raiden is a big dude. He has a good military press slam. Needs to work on his feet. Li hits a Canadian Destroyer, ironically, on Raiden for the pin 

Undeniable Michael Martinez with the Silver Fox vs the Assassin AK47. 

(Joke deleted, DMs are open.) AK looks like Quack and wrestles like a duck. “AK with a school boy.” Can someone pull these announcers aside and let them know how bad things sound? Silver Fox could be something when he stops copying other managers and discovers his own schtick. Martinez with a chokeslam for the pin. 

Sandstone (or however it’s spelled) and Coach Young vs Don Texerra and Pretty Papi. 

There is no reason for the graphics on a taped show to be wrong. But they are, so I think these are the names of the wrestlers. Coach Young is a great character. Papi has some potential. Other two are just there. I’d rather see Coach and Papi one on one. Don doesn’t live up to the hot tag. Coach makes a blind tag, Sandstone is pissed. They fight. Sandstone leaves. Now it’s a double team and Don pins the Coach. 

Sweet Cheeks Joey Silver vs the Story Book Prince Gaston. 

He’s less Gaston and more Janosz from Ghostbusters 2. With a bit of Jakob mixed in too. But we got something here. Good fun story. Gaston stomps the candy! Silver with the Candy Crush – a double underhook back breaker – and a great name. Gaston grabs a chair, the ref takes it away, Gaston grabs the book, drops it, and we have an Eddie Guerrero spot. During the confusion Gaston grabs the tights to get the win. 

The Protagonist of Wrestling Kid Bandit vs Your’s Rudely Trevor Outlaw. 

Bandit looks like a combination of Asuka and Budnick from Salute Your Shorts. Trevor is good for Nightmare but needs something to set him apart. Bandit has that something. He needs to make his moves matter though. Big Phoenix splash and Bandit gets the win. 

The Independent Variable Ishmael Vaughn vs The Real McCoy JDX. 

I had to buy a new notebook just to write all of these nicknames. Your backup dancers shouldn’t show more charisma than you do. Both men have intensity, both have attitude. Things that can’t be taught. Ishmael seems unsure and hesitant. Is one of Ishamael’s ladies just hanging out in the crowd? Ishmael in a tag team would have made more sense. They’re both doing too much. Too many big move attempts and near falls. Some of Ishmael’s valets come back, distract the ref, and Ishmael uses some foreign object and a spear for the win. 

The Nightmare Rumble. 

Honestly, all I wrote down was who entered the ring. There weren’t a lot of notes until the end. The Lords Warrior is still in the ring at the end. Dean Alexander comes out as a Luchador but we all know it’s him. Jess Barnes is full on GLOW but she makes it work. As she gets more comfortable I could see her getting noticed. Dean steals the victory and then challenges the best of class 3 – Brandon Gore. 

This match is mostly Dean but he is over confident and could have gotten the win otherwise. There’s a ref bump, which ends up being Gore’s best move. Good finisher by Brandon but that was it. The “gore gore” chant was fun. 

Overall, not a bad outing and a handful of people I’ll grow interest in.

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