Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #1 Comic Book Review.

“A Walk Through Hell” story by Eliot Rahal, line art by Vincenzo Federici, coloring by Matt Herms, lettering by Jack Morelli. “Living On, Part Time” story and line art by Evan Stanley. “Midnight Snack” story by Amy Chu, line art by Derek Charm. “Demonic Dipsy Doodle” story and pencils by Pat and Tim Kennedy, inks by Bob Smith. Published by Archie Comics. 

A horror anthology from Archie Comics. In recent years, Archie has published numerous horror comics, all of which were entertaining as hell even if some of them have yet to be finished. 

This book features Madam Satan, who was brought back into the Archie-verse recently through the Sabrina horror comics. Madam Satan dates back to Pep Comics in 1941 before that title introduced a new character who took over the comic, Archie Andrews. 

Madam Satan acts as a Cryptkeeper type host to the stories. She is trying to reach the gates of hell and encounters Archie and Jughead along the way. Well, versions of them. Archie and Jughead tell their tales of how they ended up in this dark place and then the comic switches to their stories. Archie is working at the arcade with some possibly possessed video games. Jughead’s hunger consumes him. Finally, a quick classic one panel Archie gag. Well, maybe more rip and tear than gag. 

Even if you’re unfamiliar with Madam Satan before this comic, you’ll be caught up quick. The larger story of Sabrina is unimportant for these one and done tales. None of them are drawn in the classic Archie style, but more horror or even a bit superhero. That’s the joy of Archie characters though, even in a different style the characters are so iconic they are instantly recognizable in all of these tales. 

The short stories are fun and maybe even a bit cute. I would like to see more of Madam Satan’s story though. Her quests becoming thwarted or at least a bit more difficult because of Archie and the Gang popping up randomly to tell their tales was the most enjoyable part of the comic. I would be all for more issues of this comic featuring Madam’s story progressing 5 or 6 pages at a time. Meanwhile she would encounter Reggie, Moose, Big Ethel, any one of them to tell a side story. 

If you’re still in the mood for more Halloween lore head down to your local comic shop to pick this one up. It just came out November 3rd and well stocked stores should still have a few.

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