Untold Horror by Dave Alexander Book Review.

Dark Horse presents a Dark Horse Comics Production Written by Dave Alexander.

A copy of this book was provided by Edelweiss for review.

Finally the secret stories behind some of the greatest horror movies never made. If you’re a fan of any genre hobby you’re aware there are scores and scores of projects that never made it to the audience. At any step along the path to production someone can halt everyone’s work for no good reason. Comics, video games, and as discussed in this new book – movies. The book is maddening. One amazing project after another that would have a dedicated fan base buying the discs, the toys, the tie in merchandise for generations. Yet frequently someone in a suit doesn’t see the profit potential. 

I was immediately drawn to Copperhead, the superhero created by Geroge Romero, Jim Shooter, and Bob Layton. This was meant to be a movie from both Romero and Marvel Comics long before anyone thought of a shared universe. The concept art is amazing but like so many projects in this book, the window of opportunity closed and all parties had to move on. 

Like many of us, we can’t see the hurdles for blessings as they are happening. If Romero was tied up with Copperhead, he may have never been available to make Dawn of the Dead. As much as I would enjoy this superhero, which movie was going to have a bigger cultural impact? 

Every tale inside this book will cause the reader to wonder what may have been or discover new movies to watch. Some of the stories about Universal’s Dracula and Frankenstein films have been known for years but not in such a succinct presentation. Personally, I can’t shut up about Jaws: 3, People: 0. One of the more absurd movie concepts in history. More from H. R. Geiger. Brilliant Re-Animator sequels. Worst Case Scenario! Also, some of the early ideas for Freddy vs Jason would have been much better than what we eventually saw, and I enjoy that movie. 

My favorite discovery though is Robert Parigi’s Chrome Gothic. Grindhouse car porn with body horror and a love story mixed in. The concept art alone made me curse and weep because this will never be made. This has become tops on my “what would I do with unlimited money” list. A comic, a streaming series, something, anything. 

Every reader will have one tale that elicits such a reaction. Whatever your horror niche may be there’s an unmade movie within this book that will have you cold calling producers and chewing them out. 

The only other way to direct your anger is towards Dark Horse and Dave Alexander himself. This book is far too short. While it is jam packed with history, quotes, photos, art, and the like I wanted even more. A deeper dive into the movies already contained within or twelve more chapters of other tales. Like any good horror, I demanded a sequel. There is no lack of properties that never had sequels or were never made at all that could make this book a series. Son of Untold Horror. Bride of Untold Horror. Other than wanting more, the only way this book could improve is if it included a DVD with some of the interviews. Hearing the creators speak with pride, love, and a passion for their unmade work would make fans support them even more. 

Great coffee table Christmas gift idea for the genre fan in your life that seems to already have everything. This book is brand new and just waiting to be unleashed.

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