AEW Full Gear 2021 Predictions

There’s a pay per view tonight! Each and every time there’s a major wrestling ppv I try to go through the card and guess who I think will win. Not who I want to win, but who I think will win based on where I believe the stories and the characters are headed next. This show starts with a preshow at 730 tonight and the main show begins at 8.

Pre show: Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa vs Nyla Rose and Jaime Hayter.

All four women are involved in the TBS title tournament so they all need to look strong and be perceived as threats to each other throughout the match. Shida has been built up a lot lately. Thunder Rosa is ready to break through and would have by now if she was on AEW more consistently. Nyla Rose is the beast of the division which leaves me with Jamie Hayter still looking strong but she’ll be the one to take the pin. Winners: Shida and Rosa.

Kenny Omega (AEW World champion) vs Hangman Adam Page.

A story two years in the making. The last ppv of the year for AEW. In Adam’s home state for TV next week. No Dark Order on the show, which means their appearance will elicit a pop. The Bucks lost the tag titles and didn’t lose any momentum. Everything lines up for a title change here. Winner and new champion: Adam Page.

Dr Britt Baker, DMD (AEW Women’s champion) vs Tay Conti.

Tay has been great and improved tremendously, but I just don’t see it happening here. Britt is so over in such a bizarre way where the fans love her but love to hate her too. Someone (Thunder?) needs to be more loved than her to take the title off of her. Winner and still champion: Britt Baker.

Bryan Danielson vs Miro (Winner receives a future AEW World title shot)

Really tough one to call. Miro wasn’t originally in this tournament, which means he wasn’t meant to win. A heel winning and going against a new face champion in Page makes sense. Eventually Bryan has to lose a match. Miro was a great TNT champion and would do well as the new number one contender. But what if Omega keeps the title and we all get to see him face Bryan again? Either option is good. I’m going out on a limb and I’ll say Miro wins because I see more future story potential with him as the next contender. Winner: Miro.

The Inner Circle vs Men of the Year and American Top Team in a Minneapolis Street Fight.

I mean, I care but I don’t care. I think this feud is holding back everyone involved, including the TNT champion. If America’s Top Team wins then the feud continues. But if Inner Circle wins then it could be over and everyone can do their own thing. I’m going to guess it ends with Jericho pinning Lambert. Jericho looks strong, none of the MMA guys have to look weak. Winners: The Inner Circle.

Lucha Brothers (AEW tag team champions) vs FTR.

No way the Lucha Brothers lose these titles yet after their Match of the Year contender from the last show. I think it’s going to be a great match but FTR seems to be going somewhere else with their hired guns gimmick. Winners: Lucha Brothers.

Darby Allin vs MJF.

Yes, it makes sense for Darby to win after all of the awful things MJF has done. But I think this feud between two pillars can go further. At least to a match with a stipulation attached. MJF wins and the feud continues until a steel cage or strap match or something. Winner: MJF.

CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston.

I want Eddie to win. I will wake neighbors if he wins. I will make phone calls. But I just don’t see Punk losing. Unfortunately. Winner: CM Punk.

Christian Cage and Jungle Express vs the Super Elite in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

We have a street fight and a falls count anywhere match on the same card? The interaction between Super Elite and Bobby Fish makes me think Fish will turn the tide in this match and affect the pinfall. Jungle Boy vs Fish or Adam Cole after this would be a great way to continue the story. Winners: Super Elite.

Cody and Pac vs Malakai Black and Andrade.

If Cody and Pac win then where do they go next? All four of these guys could continue to pair off for a couple more months. Pac vs Black and Cody vs Andrade freshen things up a bit. Maybe even a Pac heel turn? I think Cody gets the hell beaten out of him just to get the audience with him a little bit more. He’s made some progress there but needs to continue as the sympathetic baby face who is one of the owners of the company. Cody gets pinned after some nasty illegal attack. Winners: Black and Andrade.

Let me know your thoughts for tonight! I’ll be in front of the TV by 730.

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