At Odds with Wrestling Homework: The Cibernetico Rises.

I had to work a different shift this week and it completely threw off everything else in my life. But I managed to watch this week’s At Odds with Wrestling homework assignment, 2012’s The Cibernetico Rises from CHIKARA. It’s nearly 4 pm and I need to hand this in before show time, so let’s get right to the action.

Soldier Ant vs Mr Touchdown.

Interesting ring set up tonight wtih the fourth side level to the ring. Some balcony seating too which provides a cool camera angle. TD has weapons like a wrench and butter knife hidden on his person. TD hits Soldier Ant so hard his antenna came off. What does this man have against nature? Veronica throws in her baton, which the referee removes, but then she hands TD a wrench and after Soldier Ant is hit, Touchdown gets the pin. Good match for as long as it was and furthers the story of the unsportsmanlike Mr Touchdown.

Fire Ant vs the Shard.

Fire Ant tweaks his ankle but Shard doesn’t attack it right away. Good ground based beat down by the Shard. Dive into the crowd and that poor destroyed chair had a family! Fire Ant grabs his leg again. Fire Any with a single leg kip up! Damn. Wonder if he could do that with his hands in his pockets. Fire Ant goes for the Beach Break. Shortly after he’s in the Tree of Woe, which is hurting that leg even more. Once Shard starts attacking the leg this match really kicks up. Fire Ant has to tap out or risk further damagaing that leg.

Quack and Jigsaw come out to save Fire Ant. No! Jigsaw and Quack get in each other’s faces. Jigsaw superkicks Quack! Jigsaw and Shard hug and leave together. I had a feeling this is where the angle was going but it happened much faster than I expected.

Dasher Hatfield vs Icarus.

Good match, nice back and forth but no big moments. Dasher wins and Icarus beats him up some more post match.

1-2-3- Kid and Marty Jannety vs the Heart Throbs.

The Heart Throbs promo should be my call in for the voicemail. I remember seeing Promise Thomas in my hometown promotion 2CW and he wasn’t too bad. Double super kick and Kid and Jannetty get the win. Really fun match for veteran talent and one that would be welcome on any indie show.

3.0, Gran Akuma, Tim Donst, the Spectral Envoy, and Eddie Kingston vs Jimmy Jacobs, the Briscoes, The Bravados, the Young Bucks, and Kevin Steen.

So much action in this match. I love the volleyball rotate for who gets the tag from each team. So much action in the match and I wrote down highlights in my notes but honestly just watch. So much talent in the ring and this match alone is a super independent wrestling promotion. I was in awe over who was here and what those names have done since.

I’m not familiar enough with Cibernetico though and when Kingston and Donst won I thought that was it. No! Now its Donst vs Kingston. I didn’t realize it keeps going to one final winner. Donst turned on his team earlier in the match and beat the hell out of Eddie. Jakob Hammermeier comes though the crowd and hands Donst a bag of something. Donst hits Eddie with the foreign object while Jakob distracts the referee. Donst pins Eddie! Tim then challenges Eddie for the show in two weeks and for the title.

Really fun show that is all about the main event. I’ve watched a lot of Chikara over the last year for homework but this event had a special feel. If this was coming up in the new year I think I would make the drive to see the wrestlers all together in one match.

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