WWE Day 1 Predictions

The first pay per view of the year on the first day of the year! With each and every PPV I try to guess who I think will win. Not who I want to win, but where I think WWE is taking their stories and who will win matches based off of those assumptions. Lets get down to ringside!

Pre show match: Ricochet and Cesaro vs Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

Ricochet and Cesaro deserve better but WWE has been pushing new talent with pins over established talent they never did enough with. Unfortunately, I see that trend continuing tonight. Ridge will get the pin for his team and continue his push despite fan support for the faces.

Winners: Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

RK-Bro (Raw tag team champions) vs the Street Profits.

RK-Bro has been so much fun and it’s honestly maybe the first time I’ve enjoyed Randy Orton to this level. In classic WWE style they will most likely split up and feud eventually. But AJ Styles and Omos just broke up and doing such a story with two teams at the same time wouldn’t be a good idea. Street Profits can lose and still stay popular.

Winners and still champions: RK-Bro.

Drew McIntyre vs Madcap Moss.

Why? Anyways, despite there being no good reason for this to be a PPV match, here we are. Also, while I said earlier there is a push for younger too green talent, Moss beating a man who held the WWE title twice in the last year would be a horrible precedent. Even if Happy Corbin interfered, Drew should power through.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Becky Lynch (Raw women’s champion) vs Liv Morgan.

I want Liv to win the title, I think it could be a huge moment. But I don’t think it’s happening now. She is the only woman with any momentum heading into WrestleMania season. I would have her lose tonight, win the Rumble, and push her headed into Mania.

Winner and still champion: Becky Lynch.

Edge vs the Miz.

This feud hasn’t lit the world on fire. There is a world in which I think Miz should win and this angle should continue into Mania with some sort of big stipulation. Or, a mixed tag match. But I think Edge will have another antagonist by then. Kevin Owens would be a good one. Maybe AJ Styles. There’s a bigger money match for Edge than Miz.

Winner: Edge.

The Usos (Smackdown tag team champions) vs the New Day.

We’ve seen the match many times before, but this is actually a tough one to call. I think the future of Roman Reigns and Big E could play into what is next for these teams. I am deciding the winner not based off of the teams, but off of the world champions.

Winners: The Usos.

Roman Reigns (Smackdown world champion) vs Brock Lesnar.

Late breaking news! This match will not be happening tonight. Roman Reigns has tested positive and Brock Lesnar has a new match.

Big E (Raw world champion) vs Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar.

Alright, so because of this match Roman Reigns is still Smackdown world champion which is why I’m predicting the Usos to retain. Keep all the gold in the Bloodline. Also, I am still of the mindset that a three way between all 3 members of the New Day for the WWE title at WrestleMania would be a huge match. Kofi and Woods arguing over the loss could be a good way to start that story. Brock doesn’t have to be pinned in this match, and doesn’t technically lose. This could also set him up against any of the other opponents against Brock at the Royal Rumble or whatever the February PPV is called.

Winner: Big E.

Who do you think will win? I’ll be watching this show live tonight and maybe one other one and have some two screen action going on. Let me know your thoughts!

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