Phantom Starkiller #1 Comic Book Review

Created, written, and colored by Peter Goral of Killer Bootlegs. Illustrated by Joseph Schmalke. Lettering by Joel Rodriguez. Published by Black Caravan, a Scout Comics label.

Something about this comic seemed so familiar, and so I had to add it to my pull list. (Doesn’t mean I read it right away, but here we are.) Turns out I saw representations of the character when I went to Retro Con this past fall.

The Killer Bootlegs company put out limited quantities of the Phantom Starkiller years ago. They immediately sold out and toy collectors were begging for more. Now there are new colors, new sculpts, and right here new comics.

Starkiller serves his master, the Count, across the cosmos bringing death to all who stand in his way. It is Star Wars meets Heavy Metal. Recent Star Wars, specifically the ass kicking Darth Vader seen in Rogue One and Vader Down. The Phantom Starkiller is brutal but in a beautiful and respectful way. Just enough is explained about his origins and his mission to have a satisfactory background but everything else about this corner of the galaxy keeps its details. All for the better, because it doesn’t matter if the people Starkiller is cutting down are good or bad, what matters is he’s a master with the light sword as it lights up his skull faced grin.

This feels like a hidden cult VHS of a comic. Clearly inspired by others but so bad ass to stand on its’ own. I just want to read about him fighting across the universe with relevant parts of his history slowly and occasionally sprinkled in. An anthology for the assassin from the stars. So much pulpy fun that is missing from “serious” comics. Even the glow in the dark cover (which I missed out on and is on my wish list) is one of the most character perfect gimmicks in comics history.

I’m already too late to get in on the very beginning of this character, but we should all board a star cruiser in the middle before the rest of society catches up to all of our favorite genre craziness rolled into one grim being.

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