At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Flying V Fights

It’s Thursday and there is not a “premium live event” this week, which means it’s time for some homework! This week’s assignment from the At Odds with Wrestling podcast is the recent Flying V Fights event as seen on IWTV. This event was live on November 6, 2021 from Silver Springs, MD.

We start the show with Jamal! This suave classic looking ring announcer is actually a longtime friend of mine. Jamal used to do a great podcast many years ago and we have some friends in common and have followed each other on social media for years. Real good guy and I was happy to see him here.

Kamen MK vs “the African American Horror Story” Eel O’Neal.

My first thought is “Eel is a creative MF.” My second thought is, this is Black Chikara. I said this on an episode of my podcast and this show confirms it. The most innovative, creative, athletic, and the future of wrestling is with POC and LBGT wrestlers. Amazing opener and I’m hooked already. Even the finish had me on my toes because I wasn’t sure who was on their shoulders. Kamen popped up at the last moment and wins the match. There are some technical issues and suddenly both men are down. What’s happening? Maybe we get answers later this evening.

The Grimy Scots vs Mikey Banker and Oldman Youngboy.

Just a fun match. I am enjoying the hell out of this show already. This match is different than the previous one, and is different than the next. Remember the Highlanders in WWE? This is better. A bit of gross spit which is such a heel move during Covid times. The Scots win and two matches in this is more enjoyable than last week’s homework.

Saul Esparza vs Pancakes vs Abby Jane.

OMG Jane. Very interesting to watch her so soon after seeing a heel Kylie Rae on last week’s GCW show. Great story of Saul being a full heel on both opponents but Pancakes is trying to be respectful towards Abby. Saul makes Pancakes tap out. I hope Pancakes finds a good life partner.

This next match is Docta D’s Wrestling Showcase. I love all these match sponsors.

Janai Kai vs “the Afro-Punk” Trish Adora (Pan African champion).

I saw Kai fight Thunder Rosa but I had not previously seen her in a competitive match. I was familiar with Trish and the best looking title in wrestling, but I had not seen her wrestle. This is amazing. Adora is beautiful and can wrestle. How has no one picked her up? I forget who is doing the commentary but I lost it for “I’ve been pinned a lot, I know how hard it is to kickout.” Kai with an amazing behind the back dragon stretch. Trish tangles up every limb and pins Kai. So good. I have family in Maryland. I’m already debating a Flying V trip.

LGBT in the Ring sponsors the next match.

Tjay Sykes vs Jordan Blade.

Sykes gear had a Cobra Commander vibe. Jordan has a great submission style that is emphasized for the entire match. Her ankle lock is built up and built up. Almost locks it on, does lock it on but Sykes escapes right away before she can really wrench it. The moment Blade finally gets the ankle lock hooked in Sykes taps right away. Great story for the match. Speaking of stories, the lights go out once again and when they come back Jordan has been knocked down by someone.

We have an intermission edit. Jamal welcomes us back with a perfect “ladies, gentlemen, and non binary friends.”

The Yung Bois (with Josh Fuller) vs Killian McMurphy and Big Dust.

“Catch as catch Kansas.” Flying V has better writers than Freddie Prinze Jr. Saul is brought back out to make this match a three on three. A “dancing code red” spot. This isn’t quite a comedy match but close. Which makes this a real good spot on the card for the match. Right after intermission, get the crowd back into the show and living in the moment. I’ve seen so many shows where the first match after intermission has the fans distracted. Still getting back to their seats, buying merchandise, whatever it might be. Why did I write “he’s my friend”? Saul steals the victory in a very well set up finish for the match.

Sponsored by Enjoy.

“The Maritime Monarch, all hail” King Crab vs Mach 10.

This was the first “off” match. Not bad but it seemed to be a step off. The wrestlers weren’t really clicking with each other. Mach 10 hits a great 450 for the pin. I love the King Crab gimmick. He’s been popping up on my social media lately too (because I have an iPhone that listens to everything going on in the house) and seems like a good dude. I hope he avoids the Old Bay and I see more of him.

TSS- The Savage Stash presents:

Erica Leigh vs Wheeler Yuta.

Wheeler keeps tying Erica up in holds. I love her “Scrunchie Crunch” and what a great name. “Shell shock!” In addition to POC and LBGT, I enjoy nerds in wrestling too. Wheeler catches Erica with a roll up for the pin. The lights go out and the BOAR comes out! Tjay Sykes is with him and cuts a promo. “We’re here to take out everyone who believes in heroes.” Oh, this is good. Jordan Blade comes out to even it up. All four fight. Boar gores Blade. The World Famous CB comes out.

CB vs Boar.

CB’s experience vs Boar’s size. Great back and forth. Heel Boar is so good. CB hits some sort of knife hand strike to get the pin. Great match. Boar sits up after the pin and Tjay is back with the mic. Tjay issues a threat for future shows. Face wrestlers show up on the stage to back up CB.

I don’t know Flying V’s schedule, but I’m in. WWE is the Kool Aid, AEW is Red Bull, and Flying V is Japanese marble sodas (Ramune) surrounding a D&D table.

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