The Annual 25 Things to Watch Instead of the SuperBowl 2022 Edition

Back for the 10th year! Not the tenth consecutive year, I missed a few along the way. However this has been done 10 times. Yet there are always new blog readers so an explanation is in order.

Nearly each and every year I pick 25 things that I would rather watch instead of the SuperBowl. Despite the fact that the game will be on TV because I am hoping for some geeky movie trailers or great pop culture moments. If I wasn’t going to watch it though, this list is 25 things I would rather spend my time watching. However, they have to be shows that are on regular network or cable. No DVDs, no streaming services, no on demand, no YouTube. They also have to air in full while the SuperBowl is on, which is currently scheduled for 6-1045 tonight. So a movie that starts at 5 won’t count. Also, marathons only count as one selection. This year I am also adding the restriction that I can only choose a show once. So Bob’s Burgers airs on Fox and Cartoon Network tonight but I cannot include those as two separate choices. All choices also have to be things I would watch during a normal day of the year. I can’t decide I suddenly want to watch, I don’t know, true crime shows.

With the rules in place, on to the list!

  1. America’s Funniest Videos. ABC. 7-8, 8-9.
  2. The Big Bang Theory. MyTV. 7-8.
  3. The Simpsons. Fox. 7-730, 8-830.
  4. Bob’s Burgers. Fox. 730-8.
  5. Godzilla: King of the Monsters. TNT. 715-10.
  6. Deadpool 2. FX. 8-1030.
  7. Seinfeld marathon. Comedy Central. 
  8. Big City Greens. Disney Channel. 6-7.
  9. Up. Disney Channel. 7-845.
  10. Family Guy. FXX. 7-8.
  11. X-Men: First Class. MTV2. 630-930.
  12. The Goonies. Vice. 7-930.
  13. Man vs Food. Cooking Channel. 6-7.
  14. Family Feud. Game Show Network. 6-7.
  15. Wayne’s World 2. YTN (You Too America). 7-9.
  16. Scooby Doo: FrankenCreepy. Boomerang. 6-730.
  17. Be Cool, Scooby Doo. Boomerang. 730-8.
  18. Tom and Jerry marathon. Boomerang. 
  19. DuckTales. Disney XD. 6-7.
  20. Gravity Falls marathon. Disney XD.
  21. The Golden Girls. Hallmark. 10-1030.
  22. Futurama. Cartoon Network. 9-10.
  23. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. VH1. 10-1030.
  24. Looney Tunes marathon. Boomerang. 10.
  25. Friends. Nickelodeon. 10-1030.

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