These.Damn.Kids! Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Written and Created by Peter Breau and Bradley Golden. Art by Helmut Racho. Letters by Hector Negrete. Edited by Marcus H. Roberts. Published by Second Sight Publishing. 

Recently Peter Breau was a guest on my podcast, Hellions Talks, and I informed him that earlier that day my local comic shop had a copy of this comic waiting for me. It was the first book I read for the week and after months of hearing about this comic and waiting for it I can finally give an informed opinion on it. 

If I wasn’t too busy trying to figure out what is going on here! What I expected and what is actually here are two different things. I fully expected some sort of zombie story or maybe a Children of the Corn or something like that. Instead, there is some sort of evil presence manipulating children into some of the most gruesome actions I’ve ever seen put to page. 

The deaths of adults are absolutely grotesque and I might be glad this is a black and white book, because full color on these horrors might be too much. The choice to do the book in black and white also works to imply what is lurking in the shadows. Some person, or demon, or force of some sort is hiding in plain sight. Yet children are more sensitive than adults and can see, maybe even communicate with forces adults have grown beyond. Ask a little kid about ghosts if you really want to get creeped out. 

Or read this comic if you want to get creeped out. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to fall asleep with these images dancing in my mind. The art works so well to show a normal familiar world which makes the moments of horror that much worse. As this mystery deepens I’ll be curious to see how and when and why this evil came into existence. We always try to find reasons to explain away the worst things in life, to try to make some sense of the senseless. I don’t know if I want answers in this comic or if I want to be ignorant, but I trust this creative team to guide me into the darkness. 

The first issue is sold out but a second printing is on the way. Make sure to talk to your local comic shop about reserving future issues. 

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