Corey and Carmella Episode 5 Review

WWE snuck another episode on YouTube this afternoon. “Carmella’s dad surprises her at a house party”. This episode is 8.16 minutes long.

Corey has decided to invite people over for a housewarming party. Carmella talks about missing her family now that she lives so far away. She also wears a very short tight dress for a party with her family and friends. I’ve never understood this personality type. You don’t have to look hot for relatives. Corey is missing and Carmella is upset because she’s setting everything up herself. He was upstairs in the bathroom. I assume pooping, not peeing, because Carmella was grossed out by the details. Carmella then says she feels alone even when she’s surrounded by Corey’s friends and family. To everyone’s surprise, Corey has booked a flight for Carmella’s dad to surprise her during this house warming party. He shows up without any bags, nor does it appear he has a rental car or paid a cab or anything. Surprise!

Oh good, there’s lots of booze. Paul, Carmella’s dad, comes downstairs a bit drunk and is now dressed as a “fighting Elvis”. I bet he embarrasses her. Paul wants to be famous, no matter what. Someone should tell him there’s a difference between being famous and being infamous. Corey’s brother from the previous episode eventually shows up, but not his kids. I guess this is an adult’s only housewarming party. Corey and Paul talk outside on the porch about something. It is strongly implied he is asking Paul’s permission to eventually marry his daughter. But is he proposing soon? We have to wait until the next episode to find out. An episode which apparently could be uploaded at any time.

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