AEW Revolution Buy In Predictions

AEW Revolution Buy In Predictions

This is looking like maybe the best pay per view of the year. In March. Weeks before WrestleMania. I’m totally serious, I can’t wait for this show tonight and I expect much of my wrestling friends to be enjoying this as well. 

This show has a three match pre show. I usually cover all of the matches in one post, but that’s a stacked pre-show so let’s guess who will win here and then the main show gets another post. As always, this is not who I want to win but who I think will win based off of where I assume the storylines are going. 

Hook vs QT Marshall.

Hook has to lose at some point, but it won’t be tonight. This might be his biggest and most competitive match to date, but I have no doubt AEW will continue to Send Hook for months to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the TNT title before he’s defeated. 

Kris Statlander vs Layla Hirsch. 

Yes, I am a huge Statlander fan but that’s not affecting my judgment here. Kris is someone that can be put into a feud or title picture immediately and appear to be a threat. She hasn’t had many matches lately and needs to continue to have a certain aura. Layla has looked great but mostly in Dark matches. Kris needs the win here more than Layla. 

House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews) vs. Pac, Penta Oscuro and Erick Redbeard.

Notice that Erick didn’t get the “is All Elite” graphic? I think he was brought in here just to lose. Everyone with the company still looks strong, the feud continues, and really Redbeard doesn’t lose anything. 

This preshow is on Facebook and YouTube for free from 7-8 tonight. 

Let me know your guesses for the show!

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