Ame-Comi Girls Volume 1 graphic novel review

From writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, artists Amanda Conner, Sanford Greene, Ted Noifeh, Mike Bowden, Sonti Casas, Tony Akins, Wolden Wong. Colorists Randy Mayor and Paul Monts. Letterer Wes Abbot. Published by DC Comics. 

I admit, I picked this up for the Amanda Conner art. But that is only in the first issue. This series contains Ame-Comi Girls 1-5 with each issue spotlighting a different woman. 

This is an alternate DC universe in which the heroes and villains are women. Specifically, anime influenced versions of them. The book starts with Wonder Woman and then introduces and spotlights Batgirl, Duela Dent, Power Girl, and finally Supergirl along the way. Female versions of Batman, Robin, Steel, Joker, and more along with iconic women like the previously mentioned alongside Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and even more find their lives colliding to fight a battle that only superhero comics and the most intense anime can show. 

Every one of them is shown as strong, beautiful, intense, and iconic but never as a damsel in distress. They get knocked down, but never stop. The story gets bigger with each issue and to my ignorance, this is concluded in volume 2. Just when all seems lost there are no more pages left to turn and I have to find the rest of the series. 

Now this could have been a phonedl in comic just to sell the statues, which are gorgeous. Instead every one of these creators made an awesome story which spotlights not only the iconic females within DC comics. It also shows how universal some of the concepts are through gender swapping. Nothing about Batman, Robin, Joker, or the others is explicitly male. What drives a character toward either justice or madness knows no sex. 

Sure there’s beautiful attractive art from every one of them throughout the book. I also now see there are actually two more collections that I can only imagine are full of more cute anime inspired takes on the DC legends. Like any good anime that seems so simple on the surface though, this story becomes bigger and bigger and volume one ends with a great sense of doubt for our heroes winning the day. What could have been a gimmick has more gravitas than the usual DC fare. Anything can happen and anyone could die in this alternate world. And there’s nothing worse than a cool looking character dying off, which includes every woman in this book. Honestly, I think this is a great series to pick up for women’s history month. Strength, humor, and worldwide stakes without a Y chromosome to be found.

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