At Odds with Wrestling Homework: AIW The Doctor Is In

Each and every week without a major wrestling pay per view, the fine hosts for the At Odds with Wrestling podcast assign another wrestling show as homework. This week’s selection is the latest event from the fine folks at AIW, the Doctor is In. This event can be watched in the comfort of your home through a subscription to IWTV. Just $10 a month. You’ve spent more on worse.

This is a beautiful looking and well lit venue that also attracts the AIW faithful. We’re in for a good show tonight.

Riley Rose vs Derek Dillinger (with Ziggy Haim).

Ziggy comes out with an extra aura of confidence to her tonight. Looks great. This is why she gets my $10. Derek looks amazing in this match. Some of the best wrestling I’ve seen from him. The wheelbarrow suplex into the turnbuckle is sick. Ziggy gets some hits in from the outside in her managerial role for this match. Derek hits something, a cravat crunch, that is disgusting and effective. Ziggy tries to trip Rose, he runs, but Derek catches him and hits a full nelson bomb from the top for the win.

Katie Arquette vs Joseline Navarro.

There is an extra air of confidence in the arena tonight. Ziggy and Derek had it, Joseline has it, and there is more later on too. Joseline is wrestling like this is her home and she’s defending it. She has improved so much. Lots of potential in Katie and she is playing the heel well. Feels like there was a warm up/getting familiar time at the start of this match and then it was on. Joseline gets the win and this was really a showcase for her. If you’re coming to AIW you need to get through her first.

Jackson Stone vs Dominic Garrini.

Stone has a great look. It could have looked like an old Kamala savage thing but instead it comes across as Wakanda style strength. I thought he had this match locked up until I realized he’s facing Dom. Stone hits the first throw and it’s a good one. Big sweaty men slapping meat, or however that saying goes. My notes on this match are pretty much, “they beat the shit out of each other”. Dom ends up with the win via tap out but this was a great strong style brutal match. I missed who it was, but a tag team comes out and steps to Dom but back down. Some foreshadowing.

Josh Prohibition vs Chase Oliver.

Starting out with some good wrestling. This card is going to have it all. I just sat back and enjoyed the chain wrestling and the flow of this match. These two clicked so well. Chase goes for a shooting star but Josh gets his knees up. Josh hits the Drunken Driver (what a name) for the pin.

2.0 vs To Infinity and Beyond.

2.0 comes out to Judas then get mad at AIW and the crowd, return to the back, and take their sweet time coming out to “Simply the Best”. This was amazing heel work. I watched Chikara, I watch AEW Dark and Elevation, and the main shows every week, but this was one of the best showcases for what 2.0 does that I have ever seen. It has been said many times, “this could be a main event anywhere” but I believe it for this match. Great tag wrestling and it could have ended at any time with either team winning. Both teams are grossly under rated. That jack knife pin roll through is sick. 2.0 get the pin and I’m waiting for them to attack Infinity but no, it was a legit sign of mutual respect. What a night of wrestling from two sports entertainers.

Pretty Boy Smooth vs Matthew Justice (with Fonzie).

Fonzie has his own chapstick! Smooth “slam dunks” Justice down as Justice tries to come over the top rope. That move is going to be stolen so fast. Usually two big guys don’t have a good match together but these two have everything. We got pocket doors! Justice spears Smooth through a door. Smooth runs Justice into Fonzie then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb through a table. Another! And Smooth pins Justice! I am shocked. That’s nothing against Smooth at all, but this was unexpected. AIW has long term booking and now I’m very curious to see what’s next for Smooth.

Bulking Season vs Bitcoin Boiz (with the Duke) vs The Mane Event vs PME.

Alright, I have to address this. I got tired. It’s been a long week and I started going in and out, which is nothing against any of the wrestlers involved. It happens. I think we all have a match like that on any show. It was a crazy huge brawl going all over the place and I was enjoying it but didn’t take any notes. The win seemed to come out of no where but that could have been due to my focus at the time. PME keep the titles.

Isaiah Broner vs Kaplan.

Now, all of that said for the previous match, something felt off here. This match didn’t seem to be in the right spot on the show. I’m not sure what the right spot is but 2.0, Smooth getting the win, huge brawl, and then this match right before the main event. It just didn’t feel like the best spot for the match. Broner with the win.

The Major Players vs the Rip City Shooters.

One of the announcers says the Shooters were robbed at the Crockett Cup and I couldn’t agree more. Majors take out Josh right away and work over Wes. A good but not too long two on one to build to the hot tag. Bishop gets that tag and just tears through the toy boys. There’s a massive fight on the floor that I enjoyed better than the multi-tag match brawl. Bishop and Cardona have a good test of skill and punching. Finally back in the ring following the huge fight. Bishop moves and Myers spears Cardona into a table. Bishop spears Cardona into a table. Bishop then with a great awesome bomb on Myers through a table for the pin.

PME come out after the match and attack the Shooters. Josh Prohibition runs out to make the save. Josh challenges Cardona for a future show.

Other than my own era to not pause the show and take my own intermission, thus losing a match, this was a phenomenal show. I think this would be a great event to use in introducing someone to AIW. Great matches, a wealth of different styles, and good stories continuing or building. This is a show to use to hook people on the company.

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