Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor Predictions

Everyone is in Dallas for all of the wrestling, and I’m watching a ton of it online through many different services. This ROH show will be taking place later tonight and is the first ROH show since Tony Khan bought the company. A new beginning in a way, and a way to close out the previous incarnation. All predictions are who I think will win, not who I want to win. I’m guessing where stories are going to go next and who needs to win or lose to further those plans. 

Jonathan Gresham vs Bandito for the undisputed ROH World title. 

Just based on recent booking and defenses of the ROH title I think Gresham has this. He has been out there carrying on the ROH name and defending this title in many promotions since the ROH “pause” started. He deserves to be recognized as the undisputed champion. 

The Briscoe Brothers (ROH tag team champions) vs FTR. 

I’m going to put it out there. I think FTR wins. If the rumors for why the Briscoes aren’t already in AEW, they’re not going to be in ROH now. FTR is already signed to AEW and wants to be considered the greatest tag team. Winning the ROH titles would help that mission immensely. 

Swerve Strickland vs. Alex Zayne.

I like Zayne but again, this is a new ROH. I think Swerve is a guy that could be built up into winning that ROH title one day. He’s still freshly returned to the indies and this could be a show stealing match that Swerve will win. 

Jay Lethal vs. Lee Moriarty (with Matt Sydal).

Do Lethal and Moriarty have a good relationship? This could be a passing of the torch type match up. I think it’s a hard fought victory but Lee will get the win and he and Jay will have an emotional moment in the ring. Lethal bows, says thank you to the fans, and raises Lee’s hand. 

Josh Woods (ROH Pure champion) vs. Wheeler Yuta.

Yuta has been on fire lately and I think this is his breakout moment. Yuta winning the title here could be the biggest victory of the weekend, and the one to get him to that next level. Paul Heyman made a point in an interview that he doesn’t want the guy who is a star now, he wants the guy who he can build into a star and then have for 10 years. That’s what Yuta could be with this win. 

Mercedes Martinez vs. Willow Nightingale for the interim ROH Women’s title.

Screw it. I try to not go with personal feelings here but I want Mercedes to win. Nothing against any promotion, but it could be argued that Martinez has never won a “major” women’s title. Despite being an all time great. She needs this win and then honestly I would make her the main coach/booker/agent for the ROH women’s division. 

Ninja Mack vs. TBA (with Tully Blanchard).

I try to not book TBAs. Unless they’re facing Seth Rollins. That said, I think this will be a big ROH signing and someone to get some buzz for this new version of the company. Especially with Tully alongside. 

Rhett Titus (ROH TV champion) vs. Minoru Suzuki.

Rhett worked for years to get this title. Suzuki is not permanently in the United States. Otherwise I would predict Suzuki to win. But for this night in this situation, I’m picking Titus. 

There are still at least three more shows I’m going to try to predict. I should have taken this weekend off of work. Maybe next year. Let me know your picks for winners and losers.

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