Evolution: Utero: The Conception graphic novel review

From David Whalen. Self published by Correct Handed Comics.

This review has been long overdue. I had the pleasure of meeting David this past August at a convention and we talked on the podcast. But this collection has sat in my to read pile ever since. That pile is a burden and I’m always adding books to it, but that is a story for another day. Let’s get into this comic. 

Jenny is a mess. Not the hot mess, or in a sarcastic sense. Drugs, sex, work (or lack of), shirking responsibilities, no positive influences. Honestly, the kind of person that no one expects much of in life. However, all of us are here for a reason and for Jenny that reason is to birth the world’s greatest hero. Even those who fly highest can come from the lowliest places. 

Now, the crazy thing is that this hero is so powerful his abilities are coming through in utero. (There’s the book title.) Jenny finds herself manifesting all sorts of powers that she can’t explain. Is being a hero nature or nurture? The readers, and the entire world are about to find out. 

However, what is a hero without a villain? Especially a villain with the dastardly plan to snuff out his nemesis’s life before being born. Now Jenny is the target of a time traveling army and help arrives in a brand new but instantly familiar form. 

I had the pleasure of meeting series creator David Whalen this past summer (and I’ve had this book ever since, I’m sorry David), hopefully I will see him again at a convention because my only negative feeling about this comic is wanting to know what’s next. As the gaps in society grow wider and wider, don’t we all wonder about our own potential? The potential to live our dreams and maybe make the world a better place. Yet much like Jenny we get weighed down by living for the next day, living paycheck to paycheck, and living for just a minute of attention and affection from one other person. To be super is to inspire. Superman’s greatest power is leading by example. Likewise, Jenny is becoming a better person through her son’s example. Even without super powers there are many people who were on one track, the wrong one, in life before having a child and then completely changed their ways. 

This is another brilliant concept from Correct Handed Comics and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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