At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Nightmare Factory Showcase 5

Sometimes it’s easy to hand in homework assignments. Other times the task just drains every bit of energy out of the air and it takes forever to push through the work. Even short ones like this week’s viewing. Each and every week without a major PPV the hosts of the At Odds with Wrestling podcast assign each other and listeners with too much free time a fun, or historic, or timely, or absolutely horrible wrestling show to watch. I don’t know who is to blame for this week’s assignment but we all watched the fifth installment of the Nightmare Factory Showcase. 

I’m going to be pretty negative about this show but I would never shit on an in memoriam moment. Also, Cody introduces the concept and reminds us that these are all fresh talents and give them a bit of leeway. 

This new camera set up is interesting and I’m waiting to decide if I like it or not as the episode progresses. 

Liam Cross vs Matt Honey. 

Matt comes out to the face pop. It may have been his mom, who was front row. “Matt Honey” is a heck of a name. Matt honey, can you take out the trash? There’s a refused handshake spot just to confirm who is the face and who is the heel. This “you aren’t ready” chant is dangerous and prophetic. It could possibly apply to every match on the card. Let’s stay tuned. Back to the hard camera angle, it’s not bad but it also results in a lot of unused screen space. Also, this hard camera wide angle is pointless for rest holds. Cross with his foot on the ropes and as a rookie has “incredible ring awareness”. Cross did have a good bridge in his suplex. Honey struggles with a delayed suplex but still gets the pin. 

JDX vs Dr Asa. 

Matt Honey’s mom flew out of JDX to be here tonight. Is Asa really a Dr? If so, what kind of doctor? He could have his degree in classic English literature and still call himself a doctor. There are an absurd number of ad breaks on here. The Dr is the face and we have an old vs young dynamic here. I’ve absolutely tuned out the announcers at this point. This match is all JDX. The Dr with a very brief come back and school boy roll up attempt. JDX looks like he gets paid to run a fantasy wrestling camp for Gen X’ers. The Dr hits a side slam for the pin. 

The Don vs Ryan Dodson. 

Don carries himself well with the mic but everything he’s saying is so cliche. The fans are brutal and begin to call him “Donald Duck”. Ryan’s and American Ninja? Where’s Michael Dudikoff? Why is he wearing a Bendy and the Ink Machine mask? Then he steals American Ninja Warrior veteran Kacy Catanzaro ring entrance. Did these guys go to the same JoAnn Fabrics sale for their ring gear? Oh, Ryan was actually on ANW. This ninja has done nothing. Ryan has some okay kicks. His cross body wasn’t bad. The referee moves the best out of everyone in this match. He has a shoving match with DOn. The ninja with a handspring cutter for the pin. 

The Beast from the East vs Ezio Orlandi. 

The Beast looks like the child of Joey Janela and Fake Diesel. I thought Matt Honey came out again, but it’s Ezio. Beast is bad. He’s not even a beast. He stops short before completing his big splash maneuver. Ezio has a good attempt at a big slam. I keep zoning out of this to protect myself. Now Ezio pulls off the slam, but only for a two count. Another rop break by the bigger and longer Beast. Beast’s punches are bad. Ezio catches a swing and locks up Beast for the submission. 

Pedro Pablo “the King of South America” vs Tony Vincita. 

The king loses his crown! He calls out “the entire world wrestling world.” That’s right up there with Hogan introducing the “new world organization of professional wrestling”. I’ve seen better wrestling in a high school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tony dwarves Pedro. Tony is the best talent on the Showcase so far. Tony is also the best seller so far too. Pedro thankfully wrestles better than his promo. Tony finally starts his comeback. Tony with an overhead suplex. Then he does a real nice looking flip handstand to get back up. Big pounce only gets a two count. Tony with a missile dropkick, again only for two. Tony stuffs a tilt a whirl DDT attempt and powers through a reversal that flows into a Falcon Arrow for the pin. Pedro with a post match low blow attack. Who is this? I think this is that giant guy that just debuted in AEW coming out here to save Tony. 

Guillermo Rosas and Lesnar Guerrero vs Fabio Pardo and Kayjay Impala. 

Lesnar Guerrero? I have zero hope for this match. What is the giant Icarus level tattoo on his back? Heel team beat down but it doesn’t showcase anything for them. Finally there’s a hot tag and it’s just apathetic. Isn’t that the Good Brothers finisher? Anyways, it works and Fabio and Kayjay win. 

Don Alexander (with JW Kirkland) vs Cody Chunn. 

“Chunn and Done” is a great shirt. Dean always makes the star pupil look good. JW interferes already and is playing that part well. Ever since the interference takes place it’s just Dean beats up Cody. But Chunn doesn’t make me care about him. I don’t care that he’s getting beaten. At this point Dean is more familiar and even though he’s the heel I care about him more. JW interferes again. Chunn hits a jumping something, I missed it and I was not going to rewind to catch it again, and then he gets the pin. Great camera work at the end as the cameraman just walks around the ring and points at nothing. 

I tried. I really did. But this is some of the worst wrestling I’ve ever seen and no one grabbed my attention. I know they’re all new. But I’ve seen new wrestlers anywhere from NXT to AIW and been given reasons to care for them. Nightmare Factory didn’t manufacture any product I would want to buy.

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